Trading for Banner 18

I've seen some exciting ideas about how to construct a 2014-15 C's Superteam, though I think there's a cleaner, less costly way to get it all done (in the most realistic of all fantasy worlds - or, the most fantastical of all feasible realities). So follow me down into Celtics SuperFantasia:

Trade 1

MIN gets: Brandon Bass, Keith Bogans, Jared Sullinger, 3 Picks (2014 pick #6, BKN'16 & '18 via BOS)

BOS gets: Kevin Love (BOS also absorbs Kevin Martin via Pierce TPE in a separate transaction)

***MIN gets 3 nice picks, Sully, KB's non-guaranteed, and Bass's expiring (potentially tradable mid-season to a contender) - also dumps KMart's contract

Trade 2

BOS gets: Carmelo Anthony, Omer Asik, Pablo Prigioni

NYK gets: Jeremy Lin, D. Motiejunas, Joel Anthony, Jerryd Bayless (S&T), Vitor Faverani, 4 Picks (2015 PHI via BOS; 2015 BOS 2nd-rounder; two of the five 2014 PHI 2nd-rounders via PHI)

HOU gets: Jeff Green

PHI gets: Gerald Wallace, 2 Picks (2015 LAC via BOS; 2016 BOS 2nd-rounder)

***BOS gets some serious ballers and dumps Wallace (Hallelujah), also brings in Prigioni as a salty, wily character guy on the bench (and helps NYK dump a contract/player they don't need)

***NYK gets a bunch of young role players and potential starters (including the thrilling, irresistible return of Linsanity), three 2nd-rounders (including two in 2014, which they explicitly desire), and a 1st-rounder (that will likely convey to two nice, high 2nd-rounders from PHI) - all in all, this is not exciting for NYK, but much better than letting Melo walk for nothing; they don't have much leverage, so we can twist their arm a bit

***HOU dumps Lin & Asik while adding Green, who can play 2/3/4, stretch the floor and play perimeter D they desperately need

***PHI gets picks, and absorbing Wallace's salary does two beneficial things for them: (1) it brings them closer to the salary floor this season; and (2) Wallace becomes an expiring deal after next season, which could help PHI bring in some actual veteran talent after a few consecutive lottery trips

Other Moves

BOS: signs (an elated) Paul Pierce; re-signs Hump & Bradley

***BOS also maintains its 2014 pick #17 (via BKN) and all of its own future 1st rounders

The Banner-18-Bound 2014-15 Boston Celtics

PG- Rondo, Pressey, Prigioni

SG- Bradley, KMart, Babb

SF- Melo, Pierce, Johnson

PF- Love, Hump, Olynyk

C- Asik, Iverson

plus 2014 Pick #17 (another center? Nurkic? Capela? Porzingis?)

***Note: though I didn't include detailed salary info, both trades cleared ESPN's Trade Machine (for what it's worth)

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