Somethin's gotta give

In the aftermath of the Danny-turns-nothing-into-something trade (a seven footer, a shooting guard and a Cavalier's first-round pick for the trade exemption and a conditional 2nd rounder? How does he do this?) the Celtics now have more bodies than seats on the team bus. Since Danny doesn't pick things up just to throw them away, let's look at some of the more interesting pieces-parts.

The easiest solution to the overstaffing problem is that Kris Humphris and Jerryd Bayless sign elsewhere and the Celtics roster is down to 15 (with Colton Iverson heading back to his Euroleague purgatory). Certainly Zeller's acquisition makes inking Hump to a new deal a little less, well, "urgent" isn't quite the right word, but you know what I mean. Bayless and Marcus Thornton seem to be part of the Legion of Underachieving Two-Guards and much like the Highlander, there really should only be one per team.

Swingman James Young is still unsigned which means he can be plugged into a trade as a zero dollar contract asset at present. A useful thing for those pesky CBA trading requirements. The longer Young goes both unsigned and not playing in Orlando, the more I think he is a part of Ainge's next move. Whatever that may be.

We still have Keith Bogans, useful as part of a trade or as a guest villain in the next Scooby-Doo movie ("Jinkies! Old Man MacGillicuddy was actually [yanks off rubber mask] Keith Bogans' contract!") The sooner he can be bundled off somewhere, the better.

Joel Anthony decided to grace the Celtics with another year of his presence. Whee. I can just imagine Coach Stevens putting him and Gerald Wallace on the floor together whenever they need to quiet down the crowd... in Boston.

Hey, that's right! We still have Crash on the roster. I've seen some people suggesting we use the Stretch Provision so as to dump him, but unless the Celtics magically become Finals-worthy they gain nothing by letting his albatross live extra years. We do this the old-fashioned way: weat our spinach or find someone else's dog to feed it to. Wallace at least, unlike Bogans, seems to still be enough of a good soldier to merit a spot on the bench as well as on the roster.

So what does this all mean? If Danny is still interested in Kevin Love (and count me as one of the people who just isn't impressed by him, not at a cost of five real assets for one), then Young is clearly part of that mix along with Sullinger/Olynyk and Bass/Green. If the Love deal doesn't materialize, then I imaine the Cs letting Bayless and Humphries go via the free agent route, with any remaining offseason trades being more draft-pick acquisitions.

Not exciting, I know, but it does seem more in keeping with Danny's style.

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