HALLELUIAH - C's finally have center depth again with the Zeller acquistion !

For those of you familiar with my postings I have long been yearning for the Celtics to add more center depth to the roster in recent years and though the Tyler Zeller signing was not on my radar ( ala Asik etc) or his signing is not as sexy as acquiring a big name center ala Howard or Gasol etc, considering acquiring big name centers like those are difficult and centers overall are so scarce now a days, I am ECSTATIC that Ainge acquired Zeller.

Excited mostly because Ainge added a young, legit center to the roster, who has upside, who will fit in nicely with the rebuilding of the ball club and most important end the bleeding and lack of depth at the 5 spot we have seen from he C's in recent years.

Ainge may make a bigger transaction by the end of this offseason but make no mistake about it, the signing of Zeller is I think one of the bigger transaction to date this offseason, especially considering the C's acquired Zellar at a low cost.

I think Zellers acquisition is a major move in the right direction for the C's as they rebuild and seek to compete better in upcoming years, since the past few years we have seen the C's play with power forwards at center ( Sully, KO, Bass and KG) and have seen the C's play alot of small ball which in my opinion is not the most preferable way to compete in the NBA, especially for a title, especially considering most NBA titles in NBA history have been won by teams with legit centers ( allstar or role players) playing at the 5 spot.

Now with the acquisition of Zeller, if Vitor is retained the C' s have 2 very serviceable centers,maybe 3 with Iverson (if he is retained though the jury is still out on him) and will finally have depth at the 5 spot as well as size and length in the frontcourt which we have not seen since JO, Shaq, Erden and to a degree Perk were all on the roster at the same time several years ago.

Now Zeller and Vitor may or may not be the long term answer at center for the C's (only time, playing especially will tell) and if Ainge can get a better center down the line then great , but for the time being Zellar and Vitor should help stop the bleeding at center for the C's and that is good news for the Celtics and their fans.

Though Zeller and Fav may not be allstars or stud centers (at the moment anyway) they are I think 2 serviceable centers who will offer the C's much needed length and bulk to the front court ,a physical presence that the C’s have lacked in the frontcourt for years.

They both can can help clog the paint with their size and length, (Vitor especially I think has good shot blocking and altering skills), can help on the boards, run the floor, score from the perimeter, finish around the paint on offense, (Zeller can pick & roll & pop well also) , both have hook shots in their offensive arsenal so can be some form of a post threat which the C's need more of, both can hit free throws at decent clips, have good hands and can pass decently for bigs...which is all great stuff to see big men especially centers do.

The better news is both Zeller and Vitor (Iverson also) are still young players who are still learning the game and have the potential to get even better with more playing time.

The other good news is with the C's now having legit center depth on the roster the other repercussions is that small ball will now hopefully be dead (except under certain situations and opponents) and Sully and KO will now be able to play at the 4 spot where they belong and can do the most damage and offer the C's maximum size and length in the front court which the C's have lacked the past several years.

Though the C's now have center depth the key now is for Stevens to play BOTH Zeller and Vitor and rotate them as much as possible for 48 minutes a game next season to test drive them, develop them and let us see what they can do.

I personally am excited heading into next season that the C's have have finally solidified and added depth to the center position and have 2 maybe 3 solid centers in Zeller, Vitor and Iverson but I want to know what the rest of you think so have at it.

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