what four teams want

this article hinted the possibilities of a trade so today I am going to try and go into more detail of a possible trade.

Houston: Rondo

Cleveland: Love

Minnesota: Houston 3 1st round picks, olynyk, bennet, bass,jeff green and marcus thornton.

Boston: wiggins, deing and(expiring contract from some team to even out the numbers)

Cleveland does this because it would cost them less to acquire love which they need to have a great shot at winning the championship

Houston does this because they get rondo

Minnesota does it because they get some veterans,picks and young guys

Boston does this because they get two very good young prospects a rim protector in deing and a great player in wiggins.

Another Idea would be to cut out houston completly and do

this is going to sound crazy but hear me out, We do a three way trade with Minnesota and Cleveland.

Cleveland gets:rondo Love

Minnesota: kyrie Irving, brandon Bass, jeff green

Boston: wiggins, bennet,deing

Cleveland does it because rondo is better then irving because rondo can play defense. Love can be there go to scorer, rondo can be the main defender and this leaves lebron to not have the pressure on him and lets him just beast and feast on the compition. Rondo would totally resign with this team. That would make them a more complete team with irving,love and lebron they would be all offense and very little defense. It would put this team over the top. "offense wins games, defense wins championships." they are still giving up what they would for Love with wiggins and bennet. So it would be like a straight swap rondo for irving.

Minnesota does this because they get a star in Irving who is signed to a long term deal so they don't have to worry about him running. they also get veterans in bass and green

Boston does it because it would us be saying we are fully into rebuilding which is what we should be doing. we get a great young team with a line up of


eventually avery bradley would be the 6th man so he can fight off the injury bug he keeps getting.
young and benet have time to develop and we wait one year to ditch wallaces contract.
I think deing can be the rim protector we need. If we can do this we are on our way to the top with the massive stash of pick we still have.

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