Proposed regular NBA article feature

There was some grumbling about one of the Articles on the front page today (right wrong indifferent) and it's "unworthyness" as subject matter for the blog. I'm not going to chime other than to suggest a regular blog feature ala the daily links which would gather some longer form type articles from around the web regarding the NBA and the Celtics.

I'm sometimes good with ideas but not always with follow through (and consistency and frequent updates do a popular blog make) but I'm going to give it a shot and see if I can publish something along these lines a couple times a week.

It might be fun during the preseason doldrums we're about to encounter and, if it's only useful and enjoyable to myself, well, That's OK.

So here we go:


1) The Best Way to Understand Daryl Morey - Dork Elvis get's a writeup on Grantland

The best way to understand Daryl Morey is think of Chris Paul at the end of playoff games. There’s nobody more relentless, and nobody more devious, nobody with more stubborn dedication to defy the limits that apply to everybody else. Every angle gets exploited, every trick gets used, and it never stops. But every now and then he gets impatient, tries to do too much too fast, and all that frenetic energy gets counterproductive. The tricks become pointless, and exploiting every angle distracts him from the bigger picture. Trying to do everything leaves him with nothing.

2) The No-Stats All-Star - On Shane Battier

Battier’s game is a weird combination of obvious weaknesses and nearly invisible strengths. When he is on the court, his teammates get better, often a lot better, and his opponents get worse — often a lot worse. He may not grab huge numbers of rebounds, but he has an uncanny ability to improve his teammates’ rebounding. He doesn’t shoot much, but when he does, he takes only the most efficient shots. He also has a knack for getting the ball to teammates who are in a position to do the same, and he commits few turnovers. On defense, although he routinely guards the N.B.A.’s most prolific scorers, he significantly ­reduces their shooting percentages. At the same time he somehow improves the defensive efficiency of his teammates

3) Beware Boston's Big 4 - On point guard Rajon Rondo is now carrying the team toward the Finals

The hand appeared between Jason Williams's ankles as if it were reaching from the grave in a horror movie. The Magic point guard was bending down to pick up a loose ball when a second hand joined with the first to rip the rock away. Williams could not mask his anguish as he turned to face a sight that's become more frightening to NBA players than a slasher in a hockey mask: Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo.

4) Is It Dunk and Done for Perry Jones? - from 2011

Perry Jones III is 19 years old and one inch short of seven feet tall. He has a shy smile, a sweet nature and the manners of a young man who has attended church almost every Sunday of his life. A tattoo, inked above his left biceps three years ago at a parlor in Plano, Tex., features his mother’s name, Terri Jones, and the words "My blessing from God."

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