3 Team Trade to get Love

As time goes on, the more I think of Love to Boston, the more I think now it will happen! If Cleveland does not want to part with Wiggins, they will Not be getting Love as Boston's offer will trump Cleveland's offer without Wiggins.

Looking at the Rondo trade market, there really isn't any; the Rockets had something but lost when Parsons signed with Dallas, Indiana could be interesting but I think it would have to start with Hibbert and Stephensen to get the ball rolling, the Knicks don't have the talent at this moment to get it done although they are more interesting now then ever before as they did get some good young talent that we could look at during the 2014 Trade deadline if we don't get another superstar such as Love(we would also have to unload ALL unwanted contracts to the Knicks to make it work), and I can't see other teams with the assets needed to get Rondo.

So, here is my 3 Team Trade: Boston, Indiana & Minnesota

Boston gets: Love, Martin & either Brewer or Budinger(whomever Minny wants to trade).

Indiana gets: Green, Bradley(sign & trade), Bass & Cleveland's #1 draft pick.

Minnesota gets: Stephenson(sign & trade), Turner(sign & trade), Sullinger or Olynyk(for me, I prefer Sullinger), Bogans(expiring contract), 2015 Boston's # 1 pick & 2016 Nets # 1 pick.

Why this works for Boston; Duh! All you need is Love! Martin is a scorer, Brewer can play good defense or Budinger and his 3 point shot.

Why this works for Indiana; Green gives them scoring & defense off the Bench or as a starter playing West off the bench and I think he would thrive without the pressure of being main option, Bradley is a young shooting guard who plays great D while scoring 15 a game, Bass, well he does what he does, and they also get a # 1 pick. I don't think Indiana wants to pay Stephenson what he wants; George's new contract starts this year and with Hibbert making 15 mil and West 12 mil, paying Stephenson would make their salary flexibility difficult for the future.

Why this works for Minnesota; Saunders wants young talent, enter Stephenson, Turner and Sullinger(my pick), he also gets 5 mil. off the books asap, and lastly 2 # 1 picks. I think this could be the best possible scenario for Saunders.

Any thoughts, good trade for all? For some? for none?

Finally, let me say that I like Boston's young core and would be happy to see what happens this year. I think Rondo, Sullinger and Olynyk along with Bradley, Smart, Young and the other young players could make for a fun season.

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