Bunch o’ Posturing going on – DET, SAC, Bos, Minn, Cle

NBA is currently at a standstill yet again (I don’t know why I don’t use this as a Fanpost, but oh well)

Detroit: SVG – KNOWS that he doesn’t want to go into the season playing JSmith as 3 AND he’s tied to a huge contract so he’s gotta trade him. A good trade partner would be Sacramento, we’ve all heard of the trade rumors to get J Smith to Sac which are a start, but true Sac doesn’t have the goods to get a deal done. You can’t be really mad that SVG wants some value other than a Jason Thomas, Derrick Williams, JET return.

I find that having JSmooth on that team would be a scare 3-5 (Gay, JSmooth, Cousins). However adding someone like Rondo to that mix would just screw up their salary cap in 2015 as they wouldn’t have enough payroll for JSmooth, Cousins – already signed AND pick either Rondo or Gay!

SAC: wants to add another piece - see above, OR they could have tried to take the Boston offer of Isaiah Thomas, B. McLemore and #8 on Draft night, but they chose not to go that way. I actually thought that probably including Gay to Boston and including J Green and somehow adding JSmooth from Detroit as a 3rd team would have made sense. BUT SAC dragged their feet, let I.T. go to Pho and really screwed Boston AND Detroit as a 3rd team facilitator.

Bos: Is trying to work the phone either to get Love here OR move Rondo. I think the landing spots for Rondo have all but dried up at this point. Danny might have tried to get him to the Western Conference for Parsons but we all know that Morey screwed that one up BIG TIME! Boston is now biding time hoping that some avenue opens up to trade Rondo. Danny is really under the gun bc, he knows that he’s drafted well, but KO and Sullly, his 2 biggest trade chips, are not valued by other GMs. He has a 2nd year coach - who’s probably saying "what the heck did I sign up for". I’ve lost more games in 1 NBA year than I have in my coaching resume for college ball." Danny NEEDS to field a good team in 2015 in order to sway perception that Brad Stevens is a mediocre coach.

Minny: Give up KLove to Cleveland. Stop acting like this move isn’t going to happen. Saunders needs to do it sooner rather than later, the later you go, the less you’ll get for him. He’dl better hope there are NO injuries (ACLs) to either KThompson OR AWiggins. By actually trading KLove to Cleveland helps the C’s because, its one less place where the huge Center class of 2015 will try to go. With no salary cap space in Cleveland (Kyrie – MAX, LeBron – MAX, and KLove – MAX) there’s not much space for a quality big man.

Cleveland – just give up Wiggins (see above). Yeah it would devasting to loose Wiggins, but LeBron want KLove and a fair trade would be to give up Wiggins. You might not have to include a 1st round pick, but AWiggins, Waiters, and Bennett would do it for me.

What’s my solution to all this posturing????

Get on the phone and start leaking stuff to MStein, Stephen A Smith, ESPN, hoopshype, rotoworld. We hit another lull and GM’s are posturing again.

What do you suggest?

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