From a casual Kevin Garnett fan turned to Celtics fan

I would like to start this post by introducing myself since this is my first post. I'm a 90's kid that grew up playing pokemon, ragnarok and dota, I love math, I wanted to be an engineer but our finances wouldn't let me have the course that I like so I detoured to Information Technology, because I like logical thinking, I ended up loving programming and now I'm a software developer. I think it's a fair intro for my personal life, now let's detour to my username.

As my username obviously says, I'm from Philippines and you might as well ask how did became a celtics fan, this wouldn't take too long but let me tour you back way from 2004, I saw this man that was playing hard, fighting for the 50/50 ball, boxing out hard, giving his all and intensity every game, I was enamored with how he plays the game, every shot may it be bank shot, fade away, hook shot that seems to be unguardable even though he's being double teamed, every rebound that seems to be unstealable, every dish that turns to easy baskets for his teammates, every block that gives fear to its opponent; making them think twice when being guarded by him, every time that he pushes the ball or helps his point guard to bring the ball to the front court. Overall he was really a two-way player that is a thing of beauty to watch. I was saddened by it when I saw them lost the game. (I can't remember how is that possible because here in the Philippines, you need a cable provider to be able to watch the NBA, we had no money back then to pay for one but now that I have my work, I'm planning to get one this month.) and as far as I remember I was really pissed and I just stopped watching NBA, for some unknown reason, maybe because I focused on my studies, later did I know he was now then traded to the celtics joining Allen and Pierce to join a super team. After hearing that news, I was really pleased and I just want to jumped out of joy (I can't literally do it because I was on the classroom when I heard the news) and the only thing that I could think of is finally, this would be his best chance to get a championship. I wasn't really paying attention not until the finals, then came the showdown with the Lakers, my friend was a Laker fan so with the kobe-is-the-best-player-something-something tagline. but not that I care because I'm cheering for my favorite player, then they beat the Lakers and that was the best feeling since then, I was really happy for him, just watching him play hard really warrants him that he deserves the title and the rest is history.

Now let's fast forward to 2011, let's go proceed to the point where Rondo and Wade got tangled up, then Wade intentionally broke Rondo's arm, I thought it was the end of the game because they lost their point guard (I really don't know about the other players back then, forgive me for that mindset) and when the time I saw him back on the court, and he even made a fastbreak basket coming from his own steal, after finishing the basket, I know that time that I'm also a rondo fan, I can see the discipline, the intensity, the heart, and the love for the game that KG has in him, I was really surprised that he got back on the court and still would be able to play the game knowing that dirty wade could abuse his physical limitation.

And now let's fast forward to 2012, I was asked by my officemate to play fantasy basketball, I told him that I really don't know much about it, I just know KG and Rondo and a couple of players, he says it's not really about the totality of the player, it's all about the stats, (of coursed I was convinced that time but fantasy basketball is not just about stats, it's also about the personality, depth cart, play style, injury history etc. etc.) so I was persuaded to play. That time I don't really know where to start, So on top of my mind, ESPN was the best website to visit (I don't like Yahoo articles and keeps redirecting on it's local website which does really scuk) so I kept on reading and when the time comes that I've finished most of the articles and I still had a lot of free time to spend, I tried to read on the comments. Then it became a habit and as time past by, I've got attached to reading the comments on each article, I wasn't able to register but it felt like I'm a part of them already, few of them was (just on top of my head) JasonTQ, bhceltics (who's here), celticsmetsbears, ConstableGeneva and ofcourse, the most hated poster there, blk_polo (a sputid heat bandwagoner; comes to trashtalk when heat wins then just disappears when the heat lost, just classic).

Then the time comes that facebook login was needed to comment on ESPN articles then each of them just disappears. If that didn't happened, I won't be able to realize that it's really fun to be a celtics fan, because with the combination of intellectual fans who knows their talk, some fans that (this blog oftenly used) wears green-tinted glasses that just overrates everyone, insane fans that just wants to trade everyone and keep on rotting and egoistic fans that just wants to argue for the sake of argument, that they don't want to be corrected and will do anything to make their argument/side/first point correct or will mislead the one who replies on their comment (ofcourse there are still many but I can't think of anything as of the moment). I was really saddened because I felt that I've got no where to go, where can I find their talks, where can I look for their chitchats, where can I possible get another community that binds by the celtics basketball. Then I tried to google other blogs for the celtics, I would assure you that you'd be surprised what was the first result, no it's not, yes, it's the ofcourse I clicked on it and much to my surpise, I easily became attached to this blog, the personalities that left me with void had been filled with this blog, although the intellectual fans have increased, some had been hybridized to wears-green-tinted-glasses fans. I thought it was the same but it was on another level. It was more fun. The technical argument, the logical argument, the emotional argument.

Right now I can't get of a day without visiting celticsblog, I'm not really into social media (facebook, twitter etc.), but maybe celticsblog is my social media. I just want an update of my favorite player, another take on him, on how he can improve, on how he can help the team and I know keeping the articles with different perspective so that people won't get bored is a danm hard thing to do so props to all writers and contributors and for Jeff for making this blog happen. Right now this is my internet home.

It pains me to watch that Rondo tearing his ACL that causes the other dominoes to fall that signals the end of an era, my favorite player is on the decline while Duncan is still physically healthy to play the game. (Anthony Davis has the tools and would be the closest comparison but I don't think he has the heart and intensity that made me like KG). But I think all good things end eventually, and even life. So cherish every moment of it, I was kind of disappointed I wasn't able to follow KG that close when he was still in his prime but good thing that we're on an internet age that past videos could be collected easily (compared to 10 years ago). The truth is this was just supposed to be an intro of me as this is my first post but I think I can't summarize my experience in a single paragraph of how I became a celtics fan. I will try to post the supposed to be next part of this post entitled "Where do we go from here?"

So, in a nut shell, I became a celtics fan not because of the history (how would I know back then) and not because of the players (maybe, but that's not the biggest part) but because of it's awesome online community.

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