Multi Team Rondo Trade idea involving Kings, Cs and Bucks

Tough right now with salaries not established and trade checker down but with some minor additions using expiring deal this should be plausible.

Boston Out: Rondo

Boston In: Henson, Mayo, 2016 Kings first, 2016 Knicks 2nd (from Kings)

Bucks Out: Henson, Mayo, Ilyasova

Bucks In: Thomas (S&T for 8mill), Thompson, Mclemore, Williams

Kings Out: Thomas, Thompson, Mclemore, Williams 1st, 2nd

Kings In: Rondo, Ilyasova, Delfino

For the Celtics,

Rondo is moved giving the PG duty over to Smart. The addition of Mayo creates a 3 guard rotation with Mayo providing scoring off the bench. His deal is two more seasons and if Stevens can get his production back up 8mill isn't a terrible over pay, DA has had interest in him in the past. Henson comes in and becomes the starting Center. He is a highly valuable rim protector who has been very productive in his young career he is only 23 and last year averaged 11pt 7rb 1.7blk in only 26.5 min. As a full time starter he should be able to put together a 13pt 8rb 2blk season while still on a rookie deal. The two picks are additional future assets for the Cs to hord as they rebuild and possible use to unload Wallace's contract.

For the Bucks,

New owner ship and now a new coach. This team seems set up for additional changes. Henson is redundant with Sanders and Mayo has been rumored to be on the market. Thomas and Mclemore join Knight to create a 3 guard rotation. Knight had a solif year but the jury is still out if he is really a PG the addition of Thomas allows him to play more of the 2 and gives them a nice scoring put along with Parker. Thompson is a solid vet who will back up the 4 and the 5. Mclemore is a talented prospect who should be able to get minutes off the bench and provide them shooting. Williams fits in nicely with their combo 3/4s in Giannis and Parker. He can either start or back up either position. This trade makes them deep young and athletic at every position much like the young Holiday/Iquodala lead 76ers of a few years ago but with more potential.

For the Kings,

The get Rondo who they have been know to covet. In addition they get a good stretch 4 to play along side Gay and Cousins in Ilyasova. He will benefit from playing off his two front court mates and with Rondo and should see a jump in production after a down season. Delfino like Ilyasova will give this team floor spacing, he has been very consistent as a Pro and should provide this team 10pts a game either as 6th man or starting at SG. They add these players while still retaining Stauskas who should fit perfectly with this group. They will also have vets Terry,Outlaw, Landry and Evans tho at least 1 will likely be need to make $$ work.

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