Defense. Rah! Rah! Rah!

Who is excited for team defense!?!

I am not the biggest fan of Smart but that has more to do with his offense because the guy is a defensive stud. Having him, likely, off the bench will only add to the teams defense which was better than I thought it would be last season.

Smart has a good sized frame which he can use to guard the larger guards which Bradley has not been as good at, IMO. He has very quick hands and good anticipation which allows him to get a high amount of steal. Steals which will help lead to more fast breaks and easy points.

Having Smart on the team could allow for a defensive duo with Bradley guarding the PG and Smart on the SG. With Bradley doing his full court press, dogging the guy with the ball and Smart smothering his man you have now ran out a good chunk of clock and taken away two players on offense. The best ball handlers and passer usually too. Bonus!

Now we get to SF and Mr. Jeff Green. He is sometimes irritating with his inconsistency but is an above average defender and often overlooked. He doesn't have to shut down the other small forwards but simply slow them down, rotate well, get a hand up and we have 3 spokes in the wheel that turns. However, Green can be that lock down defender in spurts.

Faverani, who came out hot to start the season and then sizzled out like bacon on a cold frying pan has good defensive potential as well and if healthy I expect him to get more playing time. Even if that is as a backup.

Bass (may or may not be traded), who I can't find Celtic's defensive video's for has stepped up his defense over the last 3 years and while he isn't a game changer he does his job well. Chris Johnson, a bench player and nothing more but another guy on the team with solid defense and shows promise of getting even better. Even Joel Anthony is a solid defensive player. Not a bad thing to have for a 3rd center.

Then there is the real question mark and that is Rondo himself. Will he be fully back to form or will he only be 80% of what he was?

Colton Iverson could also add to the defense if he can make the team. Has he improved enough overseas in just one year though?

This is a team build around defense and youth. Defense wins championships, it has been said time and time again. This is why I think, barring a trade for a stud, that the team should add a young defensive big or two. Jordan Hill and Ed Davis are two that I would be all for adding to play the center spot. Yes, both are more power forward than center but they have and can play center too. Especially with the center position leaning more and more to athletic, mobile big men. Size, youth, rebounding and shot blocking, who doesn't want that?



Side note: If a trade does happen and I believe we will see at least one then I would love to see the team add Roscoe Smith who I think could be a high energy defender and rebounder of the bench at multiple positions.

After a losing season (which i still enjoyed watching), the draft and so far a lack luster free agency period for the Celtics I am ready for Summer league to see some of this defense. I believe with the right trade or signing this defense could be on the cusp of being special and I for one can't wait and hope my feelings are right.

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