young core that Ainge can create

I have been reading these chats and I think it is fair to say most of us like hill. For those of you who do not know him, he is a defensive center who used to play for the lakers. I say we give him 6 mil for 3 years.I really would like to unload Wallace contract but I think it would be easier to get young guys and wait one year for chemistry because it will make it easier to get rid of wallace. Now we have a TPE and we are stupid if we don't somehow use it. I really want to trade rondo because I think with smart and the fact that with all these picks we could end up like the spurs without a superstar but a lot of contributors. I want to get rid of rondo,green,bass and sully. I want to do this to clear cap space and get young guys some playing time. I would want to trade rondo & sully to philly for saric,noel and a 1st rounder (lottery protected). I would then trade green& bass for henson from Milwaukee. This trade would work because of our TPE would cover the difference in salary. I would then use sign parsons and Isaiah thomas and chandler parsons in FA. we would have plenty of room from the salary cap to sign them and if need be we can trim the fat by cutting smaller role players like bogans.

This would give us a line up of

This would give us celtics defense in Henson, bradley and Noel(parsons isn't bad at D either. Smart as the 6th man.
Offense comes from Thomas Parsons. meanwhile olynyk and young of the bench.(bradley,henson and noel can contribute.)
rebounding would be strong in henson,hill and Noel.
3 pointers from Parsons and Thomas.

The reason I got insurance for hill is because it could go wrong so it is like a back up plan. This is a young team that could go far in a weak east. Keep in mind we still have a massive pile of picks untouched by these actions.

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