94 feet of pressure


Heading into his fourth year, Avery Bradley's offense is still in question, but the impact he has with his defense can't be overlooked.

Summertime Blues Edition of the Celts Blog Mailbag


I don't know about you, but I definitely have the summertime blues when it comes to basketball. Training camp doesn't start until October 1st but I still can't stop thinking about the upcoming NBA...

ESPN's first mock has Boston taking Jabari Parker


Kevin O'Connor gives a brief scouting report on Duke Blue Devils' small forward, Jabari Parker. ESPN's Chad Ford mocked the Boston Celtics to select him with the fifth selection in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Brad Stevens discusses his philosophy and Rondo


Brad Stevens sits down for a one-on-one interview with Comcast SportsNet New England's Kyle Draper. CelticsBlog.com's Kevin O'Connor lays out the highlights and transcribes the entire interview.

Danny Ainge talks Doc, KG, Pierce, Rondo, and more


Bill Simmons interviewed Danny Ainge in an hour-long interview on his podcast, "The B.S. Report." You can listen to that interview by clicking here. I'm unable to listen to the entire interview...

Doc Rivers discusses his departure from Boston


The disagreement over "what really happened" between Doc Rivers and his departure from the Boston Celtics continued this morning during his interview on WEEI's Dale and Kirk. CelticsBlog.com's...

Most Hyped-The '08 Bench-Eddie House & James Posey


Eddie House and James Posey weren't the primary signings of the Boston Celtics' 2007 offseason, but they were hyped to be integral pieces off the bench. Both players proved their worth as the...

Buy Celtics tickets early through CelticsBlog.com


Presale with Celtics.com

Damen Bell-Holter is "blessed to bless"


After fighting through a difficult childhood in the small village of Hydaburg, Alaska, Damen Bell-Holter has emerged as an inspiration for children across the world. CelticsBlog.com's Kevin...

Celtics Bloggers discuss Avery Bradley's potential


Kevin O'Connor, Jeff Clark, and Bill Sy of CelticsBlog.com discuss Avery Bradley's potential for the 2013-2014 season. O'Connor goes in-depth and explains why Bradley will return to his pre-surgery...

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