NBA Previews

NBA Previews: Atlantic Division Links

Compiling all the links to the NBA Blog Previews for 2012. Starting with the Atlantic Division.

NBA Blog Previews: Toronto Raptors

The Raptors seemed bent on bringing Canadian born Steve Nash up North of the border, but that plan fell through when he went to Hollywood instead. The Plan B turned out to be Kyle Lowry.

NBA Blog Previews: Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers were an unexpected participant in the Dwight Howard blockbuster. Now Andrew Bynum changes just about everything in Philadelphia.

NBA Blog Previews: New York Knicks

So how about that Jeremy Lin? Wait, what? Oh, right. The Knicks have moved on from Linsanity. We'll see if that is for better or for worse.

NBA Blog Previews: Brooklyn Nets

Many, many rubles paid for the new arena the Nets are playing in. Many, many rubles were spent on the team playing in that stadium. Was it all worth it? Well, the bar by which success will be measured was certainly raised by all those rubles.

Boston Celtics 2012-13 Preview

This is the the year that almost never was. The team could have decided that enough was enough and gone their separate ways (well, one guy did, but we'll get to that). Instead, the Celtics are back again.

2012 NBA Blog Previews - Sign Up Here

Every year for the last 7 years, I've organized a series of NBA Previews done by the guys and gals that know their teams the best, bloggers! So this is my annual call to arms post for bloggers to sign up.

NBA Blog Preview Links

We still don't know if there will be an NBA season, but if there is, here is your one-stop guide to getting ready for that season. All the NBA Blog Previews linked in one place. Enjoy!

NBA Blog Previews: Golden St. Warriors

Their biggest strength is one of the most powerfual guard duos in the NBA

NBA Blog Previews: New Jersey Nets

I think their season will simply be a bridge to next year where they are hoping to keep D-Will and take a shot at Dwight.

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