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Groundhog Day: He said, she said


Who knew we'd be playing a Rajon Rondo edition of "he said, she said" this weekend. A spokeswoman for Rondo's agent says that the Boston Celtics' captain didn't demand a trade, according to the...

Rumor: Rondo "wants out," according to Jackie Mac


Rumor has it that Boston Celtics star point guard "wants out" and a trade "will happen," according to ESPN's Jackie MacMullan. CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor thinks the rumor may be true, but there...

Celtics' hidden talents


Marc D'Amico at put together a handy list of things that might have gone unnoticed last season, but should be at the forefront of training camp and the 2014-2015 season.

It's the dog days of summer; let's muse


It's the dog days of summer for the NBA, but the Boston Celtics' summer isn't done just yet. Which moves could come next for the team as Danny Ainge looks to get the roster to 15 men? How about...


Throwback Thursday: Red on Roundball

Because you can never get enough Red Auerbach and Larry Bird.

Nirvana, Shakespeare, Fireworks


Win, lose, or lottery, I'm gonna have fun this year. Hope you'll join us and stick around for the whole play. Here's to a great year ahead!

High Five with Jeff Goodman


On Rajon Rondo, the Celtics' plans, future draft classes, and more.

CelticsBlog High Five with Gary Dzen of


I thought I'd re-start this series starting with one of the nicest guys you'll "meet" on twitter, Gary Dzen of the Boston Globe. Enjoy.

CelticsBlog Readers' Roundtable: what's the plan?


Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have a stable of young talent, productive veterans, expiring contracts, and draft picks to work with. The question is: how should they move forward in the 2014-2015...

Avery Bradley may become a lethal shooter in 2014


Did you know that Avery Bradley shot 47.1 percent from three in his last 14 games in 2014? I bet you definitely didn't know he shot 57.9 percent on his above the break attempts. If Bradley...


10 reasons why Rondo will have a MONSTER year


I just feel like there are plenty of reasons why Rondo is going to bounce back in a big, BIG way this year.

Who will lead the Celtics in scoring?


I know that this is sometimes an overrated stat and chances are Rondo will be our most important (if not most valuable) player. But someone needs to score and this team wasn't exactly lighting it...

Determining Brandon Bass' Trading Value


What can the Boston Celtics acquire for Brandon Bass? CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor looks at the history of signings and trades involving players similar to Bass' skill level and determines what the...

Ainge now has the option to trade Smart & Young


Plus more dates and notes about trade restrictions and exceptions.

Unrequited Love


The Boston Celtics lost out on Kevin Love, as he will be traded from Minnesota to Cleveland, but there are some silver linings. Boston still has plenty of assets and a young, fun roster that could...

Ainge is in no rush


No new news is not necessarily bad news, it is just no new news.

Pre-season schedule announced; what about Bass?


Finally, something to look forward to!

Aldridge & Mannix: DA did well this summer


Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics management failed to deliver a summer of fireworks, but they've certainly loaded up for a big bang in the coming months.

If Indiana calls about Green, Boston should listen


After Paul George's unfortunate right leg injury in the Team USA scrimmage, the Indiana Pacers will need to find a replacement at small forward. CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor speculates that they...

What is happening in this Rajon Rondo photo?


Rajon Rondo is a much better shooter than he credits for. CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor explains why in this article that breaks down the positives and negatives of Rondo's game.

What will the roster look like in 12 months?


I thought it would be a fun exercise to ask our staff of writers what they thought the team would look like on August 1st of 2015.

Mailbag: Loose ends


The following really is kind of a grab bag of various topics so let's get right into them.

Mailbag: A very Avery Bradley episode


A lot of questions in the mailbag centered around our big free agent of the summer Avery Bradley. So I figured I'd spend some time answering the questions about him.

Answering the mail: Creative writing edition


I'll try to get to some of the more traditional ones later this week. Assuming we don't trade half our roster by then.

CelticsBlog Mailbag - Ask Jeff


Let's ease into the dog days of summer with some fun mailbag questions. I'm especially looking for creative questions. So have fun with it.

Are we "tanking" this year? (warning, semantics)


Sprucing up a boring semantic discussion about tanking vs. rebuilding

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