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The Celtics were kind enough to pass along a presale ticket link to us to share with you.

Give me three words, I'll give you an article


Let's try something different.

Avery Bradley may become a lethal shooter in 2014


Did you know that Avery Bradley shot 47.1 percent from three in his last 14 games in 2014? I bet you definitely didn't know he shot 57.9 percent on his above the break attempts. If Bradley...


7 years ago today, KG happened

7 years ago today, the Kevin Garnett trade was finalized

Fireworks? Nah... Sparks? Maybe!


Boston Celtics need to resign guard Avery Bradley, but there are plenty of other options for them on the free agent market, including Kent Bazemore, Jodie Meeks, and Troy Daniels.

Do the Boston Celtics have any salary cap space?


In part one of CelticsBlog's Offseason Preview Series, we take a look at the Boston Celtics' salary cap situation.

Ask Jeff: Impromptu Q&A


I've got a little time to kill this afternoon, so I thought I'd throw open the comments section to a Q&A with yours truly.

CelticsBlog is 10 years old today


Thank you for everything.

Celtics fall short in 99-90 loss to Raptors


Rajon Rondo's assist-laden first half performance and a strong performance from the bench were not enough to lift the Celtics over the Raptors on Wednesday night.

Lurkers, save us from monotony!


Rondo, tanking, draft, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Help!


Welcome our newest moderators


Please welcome our newest front page moderators!

Submit your best Celtics related trade ideas


I will personally review them and mock and ridicule them for all the world to see. Let the hilarity ensue.

Boston & Phoenix could be a match for a Green deal


Could Jeff Green be on the move? CelticsBlog.com's Kevin O'Connor thinks there is a possibility and says that the Phoenix Suns are a team that makes sense to deal for him.

Won't Get Fooled Again


Kevin O'Connor of CelticsBlog.com discusses Jeff Green's habit of teasing and frustrating Celtics fans with sensational performances before reverting back into the player that he actually he is in...

How will Boston change without Avery Bradley?


The Boston Celtics will change drastically without their young guard, Avery Bradley. Kevin O'Connor of CelticsBlog.com explains how.

Analyzing the Boston Celtics' frontcourt pairings


Kevin O'Connor from CelticsBlog.com uses advanced statistics to explain how the Boston Celtics' frontcourt is performing this season. Some interesting findings surround the production of Brandon...

West Coast Swing


Having lost seven of their last 10 games, things won't be getting any easier for the Celtics in the weeks ahead, as they are set to head out on a five-game road trip against some of the NBA's elite...

What do you want for the holidays?


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone. Hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful season.

Holiday Mailbag - submit questions here


I'm not Santa and I won't be delivering this on Christmas Eve, but you can give me your wish list if you like. I'll do what I can.

State of the Celtics: How good is Jeff Green?


Jeff Green is having a career season, averaging 16.7 points in 34 minutes per game. But does he have the potential to be a top two player on a contender? Our team of writers discuss this in the...

State of the Celtics: Too talented for a top pick?


Are the Celtics too talented to get a high lottery pick? Are fans wasting their time wishing for the likes of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, or Julius Randle? Our team of writers discuss this in...

As a Celtics fan, what are you thankful for?


As a Boston Celtics fan, what are you thankful for this season? In the U.S.A., today is Thanksgiving, a holiday in which we give thanks for the things we are grateful for in our lives. Despite a...

Kelly Olynyk could miss a couple of weeks


Kelly Olynyk sustained a right ankle sprain when battling for a rebound in the second quarter of Boston's 97-82 loss to Indiana on Friday night. According to Brad Stevens, he will likely miss a...

Roller Coaster


Kevin O'Connor of CelticsBlog.com compares the 2013 Boston Celtics to a wild and crazy roller coaster. After starting the year with a 4 game losing streak, and then a 4 game winning streak, what's...

Predict the Boston Celtics' record


CelticsBlog.com writers predict the 2013 record for the Boston Celtics. Our panel averaged out with a 31-51 record.

What do you want to happen this season?


I want the Boston Celtics to win Banner 18...don't we all? But you and I both know that it's unrealistic to expect this roster to win a championship this year. There just isn't enough talent and...

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