Celtics next Big 3.


Love’s sighting in Boston over the weekend has undoubtedly spawned a lot of intrigue among hoops denizens. One source, for example, has said that the Boston deal is "pretty much done," and that the Celtics really intend to pair off Love and Celtics captain Rajon Rondo with New York’s Carmelo Anthony, an impending free agent himself, to form a lethal triumvirate that would rival the Heat’s own Big Three. The source, an insider at, said, "The Love deal is pretty much done. I think the fact that Kevin Love is so out and about in Boston is something that Danny wants out there so he can show someone like Melo that he means business. The Melo thing is the one that is on the hush. Melo is the primary target. They need a scorer from the wing position. Cs need to get Love first in order to work one (with) Melo. That’s why Kevin Love is in town, he knows he is headed to Boston. Love is a done deal, the focus now is Melo. He was the primary target. Love opting in on his final year allows the Cs to sign Melo to a long-term deal first. Then work on a team-friendly deal with Rondo and then take care of Kevin. Also, could Tyson Chandler be dealt to Boston?" The same source revealed that the Boston trip is, in fact, something that was planned with Rondo. "Hearing Rondo and Love talked 11 days ago regarding this trip, on the phone, and that Rondo and him have maintained regular correspondence for the past 27 days," the source said.

Visual representation of Celtics lottery odds


This is the best thing I've seen that really cements how likely it is that we get each of the picks. (Via

Marshon "Scarecrow" Brooks


Tommy referred to Marshon Brooks as being "herky jerky like the straw man from The Wizard of Oz". How about a nickname/playing time campaign for Marshon "SCARECROW" Brooks?!!!

Jelly Sullynyk


We have seen what the two of them look like on the court together, it looks promising. but what do they look like together? you be the judge

The Celtics set the sleeves trend in 1946-47


I had not seen this posted, but it seems like the 1946-47 Celtics uniforms were ahead of their time. It's not news, but I saw it here:

Celtics co-owner presents Pope with Celtics jersey


"Celtics minority owner James Pallotta presented Pope Francis with the team’s jersey on Wednesday at the Vatican. Pallotta was at the Vatican prior to the Copa Italia final (Italian Cup) as part of a visit by the two soccer clubs, AS Roma and Lazio, ahead of the championship game. Pallotta is the president of AS Roma." Read more at:

It can't get any worse, right?


Game 2 shot chart. You can't look away.

Boston Celtics Marathon


The Boston Celtics are looking to take the city of Boston on their backs and go deep into the playoffs.

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