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Evan Turner's in, so who's going out?


The offseason is just getting started for the Boston Celtics. After signing Evan Turner, the C's now have 18 players on the roster, so somebody has to be on the way out. What's next for them? Kevin...

How good will the Wizards be this year?


I'm calling it now, the Wizards are going to be real good.

Smart invited to USA Basketball Select Team


USA Basketball has invited Boston Celtics rookie guard Marcus Smart for their select team, which will practice against Team USA as they prepare for the FIBA World Cup starting late August in Spain.

ET might be the best remaining option for Boston


The Boston Celtics are taking a look at free agent Evan Turner, but what other options are there?

Free agent rim protector options are limited


Will the Boston Celtics be able to find a rim protector in free agency? CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor outlines the ten best remaining options on the free agent market for the Celtics. Possibilities...

9 for 9: What's next for Rajon Rondo?


If the Boston Celtics are unable to acquire a star player like Kevin Love, there is a possibility that Rajon Rondo gets traded, but the chances are not as high as many fans think. There are simply...

LBJ to Cleveland; what's it mean for Boston?


More moves are on the way for the Boston Celtics...but what?

Roster Reset: More moves are on the way


With 17 players on the roster, more mores are coming from the Boston Celtics.

Idea: Landing Love with Lance is a Feasible Option


The Boston Celtics are rumored to be interested in Indiana Pacers free agent Lance Stephenson, but could he be used as a piece to land Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love? CelticsBlog's Kevin...

Lean On Me


Can the Boston Celtics find a scorer in free agency that they can lean on next season? CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor outlines ten possibilities, including restricted free agents Gordon Hayward and...


Do the Boston Celtics have any salary cap space?


In part one of CelticsBlog's Offseason Preview Series, we take a look at the Boston Celtics' salary cap situation.

Anything Is Possible


In a salary cap exercise, CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor explains how the Boston Celtics can acquire both Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony. The trades are highly unlikely, but the point is to outline...

Aaron Gordon is a Better Shooter Than You Think


Baseball players spend hours upon hours watching film of themselves to make tweaks to their technique; but most basketball players aren't like that at all, instead relying on what comes naturally.S...

Film Rewind: Reassessing Kelly Olynyk's Potential


Most will agree that Boston Celtics rookie big man Kelly Olynyk surpassed expectations last season. After the initial pick was met with some confusion, KO went on to win the hearts of fans over the...

Six at Six: Options for the Celtics at #6


Pick? Trade? What are Boston's best option at the sixth pick? CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor offers the six most likely possibilities.

The Lottery Wheel: A solution for the NBA draft


With the flawed NBA Draft Lottery taking place later tonight, it's time to step outside the box with a a solution that would solve all of its issues. Kevin O'Connor of SB Nation reveals his...

CelticsBlog MailBag - NBA Draft Combine Edition


The 2014 NBA Draft Combine starts next Wednesday and all of the top prospects will be there, including Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid. The lottery isn't until May 20th, and the...

If Avery Bradley leaves, who could replace him?


No doubt, Avery Bradley has evolved dramatically as a basketball player. He was once a young kid who could barely dribble the ball past half court, but he has now matured and is thriving as one of...

The dissolution of LA Clippers may benefit Boston


With the world solely focused on Adam Silver's fitting decision to ban Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, it's easy to forget about some of the implications this decision has on...

How Jeff Green can improve his pick & roll scoring


To the left, to the left.

Danny Ainge scouted the Adriatic League Final Four


Could Danny Ainge be interested in drafting Croatian forward Dario Saric or Bosnian center Jusuf Nurkic? CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor analyzes the Adriatic League Final Four and discusses each...

NBA Draft Lottery Consolation Prizes: Part Two


If the Boston Celtics don't end up with a top four pick and can't make a trade, which prospects could they look to draft? Kevin O'Connor looks at four possibilities in part one, including Croatia's...

NBA Draft Lottery Consolation Prizes: Part One


If the Boston Celtics don't end up with a top four pick and can't make a trade, which prospects could they look to draft? Kevin O'Connor looks at four possibilities in part one, including Arizona's...

KO's 2014 NBA Mock Draft 1.0


CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor reveals his first 2014 NBA Mock Draft. With the fifth pick, he has the Boston Celtics selecting Arizona forward Aaron Gordon. With the 17th pick, they select Syracuse...

Boston has the fifth-best NBA Draft Lottery Odds


The Boston Celtics officially have the fifth-best odds at the top pick in the 2014 NBA Draft after losing a random draw to break a tiebreaker with the Utah Jazz. Both Boston and Utah finished the...

A Season Finale Guide for Progressive Celtics Fans


The pain and misery of this exhausting Boston Celtics season is almost over. It's the last day of the regular season and game 82 is finally here. In a way, it's been a lot of fun, but losing this...

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