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Assessing the Celtics Pick & Roll Defense: Part 1

How do the Boston Celtics defend the pick and roll? Here, a new way of assessing defense with statistics is introduced, and the Celtics' production defending the pick and roll in February is briefly analyzed.

Has Rajon Rondo improved his jump shot?

There is reason for cautious optimism in regards to the strides Rondo has made in improving his jump shot in recent seasons.

A College Basketball Guide for Celtics Fans: Ed. 5

With two first-round draft picks in the absolutely stacked 2014 NBA Draft, Boston Celtics fans should be excited to watch NCAA basketball this season. Kevin O'Connor previews the rest of the regular season.

Are the Boston Celtics in a no-lose situation?

Young players progressing each game. Are the Boston Celtics in a no-lose situation? Not exactly, writes's Kevin O'Connor

Playing Devil's Advocate: Reasons to trade Rondo's Kevin O'Connor plays devil's advocate and gives four reasons why the Boston Celtics should trade point guard Rajon Rondo. He has bee rumored to be in deals with the Rockets. Kings, Raptors, and Lakers, giving validity to the topic.

Five not-so-obvious Boston Celtics trading targets

The Boston Celtics will probably make a trade before next week's deadline, but for who? It makes more sense to think outside the box when searching for possible deals, so here are five not-so-obvious players the Celtics could make a trade for.

Free Kelly Olynyk

Kelly Olynyk has performed remarkably well as of late, accomplishing two double doubles in a row as the Boston Celtics head into the All-Star break. But the rookie is still playing inconsistent minutes. Should he play more? The statistics say yes.

How the Mavs shred the Celtics defense

The Mavericks scored 43 points off of the pick-and-roll in the second half against the Celtics. How did they do it?'s Kevin O'Connor goes into the film room and explains.


The Celtics see "Safari for Jabari" tour in Boston

Jabari Parker played his first game near the city of Boston in front of many members from the Celtics' organization, including Danny Ainge and Mike Zarren. The freshman forward posted season-highs with 29 points and 16 rebounds, as Duke dominated BC.

Beast on the boards

Jared Sullinger is one of the NBA's best offensive rebounders.

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