Boston Celtics Rumors

Rumors about the Boston Celtics.

Deveney: C's could be facilitator in Love trade


Sean Deveney of the Sporting News is reporting that although Boston remains a possible destination for Kevin Love, the Celtics could also work out a deal as a third team that would send him to...

Rumor: Kevin Love likely headed to Cleveland


Whatever hopes the Celtics had in landing Kevin Love just about evaporated into thin air this evening. It looks like the Cavs are willing to include Andrew Wiggins in a deal for Love.

Pistons and Kings discussing Josh Smith trade


Just another rumor from around the league to keep an eye on.

ET might be the best remaining option for Boston


The Boston Celtics are taking a look at free agent Evan Turner, but what other options are there?

Free agent rim protector options are limited


Will the Boston Celtics be able to find a rim protector in free agency? CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor outlines the ten best remaining options on the free agent market for the Celtics. Possibilities...

Celtics interested in Evan Turner


Could the Celtics bring in Paul Pierce 2.0?

Rockets interested in Rondo (again)


Houston want Rondo. Cleveland wants Love. Minnesota wants the best return. Boston is rebuilding. Can't we all just get along?

9 for 9: What's next for Rajon Rondo?


If the Boston Celtics are unable to acquire a star player like Kevin Love, there is a possibility that Rajon Rondo gets traded, but the chances are not as high as many fans think. There are simply...

Left behind?


The NBA is all abuzz, but everything is quiet in Boston.

Report: Celtics offered Bass to Warriors for TPE


We've known for a while now that Brandon Bass doesn't exactly fit into the Celtics long term plans. Now word comes that the Celtics were apparently willing to give him away for nothing.


Will Kevin Love be traded to the Cavs now?


With LeBron in hand, the Cavs can think even bigger and look to create their own super-team by trading for Kevin Love.

NBA free agency begins today - open thread


Discuss breaking news and rumors here.

Cavs to pursue Kevin Love trade; Celts in trouble?


Would Cleveland do anything for Love...even trade Andrew Wiggins?

Idea: Landing Love with Lance is a Feasible Option


The Boston Celtics are rumored to be interested in Indiana Pacers free agent Lance Stephenson, but could he be used as a piece to land Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love? CelticsBlog's Kevin...

Celtics in no rush to trade Rajon Rondo


All signs indicate that the Celtics and Wolves aren't any closer to a Kevin Love deal and according to multiple reports, the Celtics aren't in any hurry to trade Rajon Rondo.

C's in the market for crazy? (Lance Stephenson)


I don't know what to think of that but I'm not excited about stocking up on more crazy.

Celtics still "relentless" in pursuit of Love


Gotta love Danny Ainge and his tenacity.

Rumor: Stein and Lowe talk Rondo to Pacers


ESPN's Marc Stein and Grantland's Zach Lowe twitter talked about the possibility of Rondo going to the Pacers.

Free Agency Tracker: Hump's On The Radar


Keeping track of all the rumors surrounding the Boston Celtics.

Celtics after Thomas; what's it mean for Rondo?


Free agency opened 10 hours ago and various reports indicate that the Celtics are after restricted free agent Isaiah Thomas. What does it mean? We discuss the implications here.

Fireworks? Nah... Sparks? Maybe!


Boston Celtics need to resign guard Avery Bradley, but there are plenty of other options for them on the free agent market, including Kent Bazemore, Jodie Meeks, and Troy Daniels.

Lean On Me


Can the Boston Celtics find a scorer in free agency that they can lean on next season? CelticsBlog's Kevin O'Connor outlines ten possibilities, including restricted free agents Gordon Hayward and...

Rumor: Rondo wants a $100 million extension


On Yahoo! Sports radio, Cedric Maxwell hinted that Rajon Rondo will be looking for a max deal next summer.

Help Needed: Rim Protector


There's no question about it: the Boston Celtics need a big man who can protect the rim. Who are ten options for them in free agency?

Ford & Woj: Embiid could go to Celtics at #6


The Celtics may not have won the lottery, but they could end up winning the draft.

Celtics look to get into second round


CSN's A. Sherrod Blakely is reporting that the Celtics are looking to get into the second round from either Philadelphia or Milwaukee.

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