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Ainge Stands Pat, Shows Patience is a Virtue


Despite an early start to the burning, Danny Ainge's expected fire sale of the 2014 Boston Celtics was put on hold until the summer. With no deals worth chasing coming to fruition, the Celtics...

DA Makes the Rumors Stop (I hope)


Danny speaks

Preseason Game 1: Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers Quick Reactions

I never want to be one of those reactionary types. Still, here are some quick thoughts: - Leon Powe gets buckets. We know this. - Thaddeus Young is a player. - The 76ers have the potential to run...

Boston Celtics 2009 Season Preview

Team Name: Boston Celtics Last Years Record: 66-16 Key Losses: P.J. Brown, James Posey Key Additions: J.R. Giddens, Darius Miles, Patrick O'Bryant, Bill Walker  1. What significant moves were...

Kendrick Perkins: Not Quite Ready to Be A Beast

It turns out that Kendrick Perkins (recovering from shoulder surgery) will not hit the ground running when training camp kicks off: "He'll be trying to get through September," said Ainge, who...

The Sam Cassell Rumor

I haven't been lighting the blogging community on fire lately with my activity on Green Bandwagon. So it would be reasonable to expect that I'm just dropping the ball on the latest Sam Cassell...

Marty Burns on the Atlantic Division

Over at SI.com Marty Burns took a look at the numerous changes across the Atlantic Division this season. In the midst of the talk about Jermaine O'Neal's new team, Mike D'Antoni in New York, and...

More Thoughts on Darius Miles to Boston

1. Jamaal Magloire was initially the focus of this recent post by Kelly Dwyer. I encourage you to read it because it reminded me of Boston's most recent move. Ultimately Dwyer acknowledges that...

Boston Celtics Sign Darius Miles

First off thanks to reader Georgia for the Fan Post (see below) that gave me the heads up on this signing. I remember the C's worked Miles out earlier this summer, but I didn't really think it...

James Posey Signs with New Orleans

So that happened. As of today James Posey's next championship quest will take place with Chris Paul and company. Some thoughts/reactions: 1. Posey signed for less last year to earn a big contract....

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