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2008 Olympic Basketball Day Three: Inside the Box Score

Spain/Germany: Unlike the US the Spanish have messed around with their starting 5 to so far. This was evident in their opener when Marc Gasol got the nod over his older brother and yesterday when...

2008 Olympic Basketball Day Two: Inside the Box Score

For an explanation of the "Inside the Box Score" posts go here.  Lithuania/Iran: I watched the majority of this one and was struck by 2 things: 1. It reminded me of USA/China in the sense that the...

2008 Olympic Basketball Day One: Inside the Box Score

When the NBA is in session Kelly Dwyer runs a excellent series of posts called "Behind the box score". To be honest I'm not sure how he watches that much basketball. Well in a somewhat new...

Germany vs. Angola Live

After heading out for a bit and missing Russis vs. Iran (box score here - Khryapa played) I've settled down for some Germany vs. Angola. And here's 5 reasons you should watch: 5. The crowd is...

2008 Men's Olympic Basketball Preview: Croatia

In anticipation of the 2008 Olympics Green Bandwagon and fellow SB Nation blog At The Hive have been alternating previews for each basketball team headed to Beijing. Check out previous posts in the...

2008 Men's Olympic Basketball Preview: Russia

As I mentioned yesterday I'll be alternating Olympic previews with At the Hive. You can check out all of the posts in both of our sidebars. In the meantime, see what's up with Russia. Population:...

LeBron James Sprains Ankle, Cavaliers Fans Hold Breath

As if it wasn't bad enough that 1,234,983 blog posts (and counting) have been devoted to LeBron James fleeing Cleveland in 2 years, Cavaliers fans have to deal with the news that James sprained his...

Dirk Nowitzki and Germany: China Bound

Catch video of Dirk Nowitzki here discussing Germany qualifying for Olympic Basketball. A few points stood out for me: 1. He went out of his way to talk about the physical nature of play overseas....

2008 FIBA Men's Qualifying Tournament: Day 3

I'm a little short on time due to James Posey's departure and some real world commitments. As a result I dropped the ball on the qualifying tournament today. Thankfully there's a day off tomorrow....

2008 FIBA Men's Qualifying Tournament: Day 2 - Update

- The Canadians fell into a slow paced game and lost in disappointing fashion to Slovenia, prompting  Coach Leo Rautins to simply say, "We all screwed this up." However, the Canadians still have a...

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