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Are the Celtics' Chances For a Repeat Dead? Not In My Book

An article from my blog, Celtics 17. Enjoy!   Coming into the 2008-09 season, many people had predicted that the Celtics would win the 2009 NBA championship. But after losing star forward Kevin...

Burning Boston Celtics Questions

Green Bandwagon is in serious danger of going from being an "Unofficial Boston Celtics blog" to "Officially not a Boston Celtics Blog". In my defense it has been a slow summer. No summer league...

2008 Men's Olympic Basketball Preview: Australia

This is the 5th preview in a series here at Green Bandwagon and At The Hive, as we anxiously await for Olympic basketball to get under way. You can check both of our sidebars for the archive or...

Boston Celtics YouTube Magic: Eddie House's Son

I wrote off Celtics Now before I ever watched it, only to see it surprise me on numerous occasions. In the long run I was wrong. It had plenty of nice moments, including a story on Eddie House's...

More on Tony Allen and Eddie House

As I mentioned earlier Eddie House and Tony Allen appear to be back in the fold for two more seasons. With their imminent signings I thought it would be interesting to dive into the archives and...

And...They're Back: Tony Allen and Eddie House

The word out of Boston is that Tony Allen and Eddie House will wear the green and white for two more seasons. The pending deals would also leave the C's with some of the mid-level exception. As a...

Off Season News

Well the off season is officially upon us. To that end I enjoyed this Steve Bulpett article because it was packed with info: 1. Perkins may need more surgery on his left shoulder. Not cool. As a...

Delonte West: Restrict This!

In looking at Boston's current roster/salaries as well as its needs a few things become obvious. For starters the Celtics have a ton of money committed already and therefore do not have a lot of...

What's Up With the Bandwagon?

With the Celtics bringing the NBA season to a close on Tuesday it is time to change gears a bit around here. What can you expect? 1. I'll be following the draft. At some point I'll be involved in...

You've Been Celtics'd

You have to give the folks at Reebok credit. The Rondo'd ad campaign was well done. In fact it inspired me to make verbs out of the rest of the Celtics. Obviously it's forced and given the way the...

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