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Doc: This Year's Celtics Team Is Better


On paper the team doesn't actually look like much better than last year. But the pieces just seem to fit together better according to Doc.

Celtics Gearing Up For Bosh Effect


The third member of the Miami Trio is set to make his first appearance in this series. He gets picked on by fans and even the media from time to time, but he's still an All Star and a huge upgrade...

Rajon Rondo Becoming Consistently Great


It is hard not to get carried away with the Rajon Rondo compliments. He's just doing amazing things on the basketball court right now.

Celtics Make It A Series; Heat Make Excuses


The Celtics have battled back with two wins at home, and now the tables have turned. It's the Heat losing their composure. It's the Heat making excuses.

Marquis Daniels and Keyon Dooling Get To Flex On Court


For much of the playoffs, the biggest contributions the Celtics have gotten from Marquis Daniels and Keyon Dooling has been their quirky but fun "flexin'" celebration - but they stepped up in game 3.

Heat Will Look To Body Up Garnett More


As Josh expertly pointed out, fronting Kevin Garnett in the post didn't work out so well, so it sounds like the Heat are going to go back to double teaming him and making him work more for position.

Celtics Knuckle Down, Defeat The Heat


The Celtics led the Heat 32 - 28 when Kevin Garnett was fouled and hit the deck hard. As only Kevin Garnett can do, he turned over and did several knuckle pushups. The Celtics went on a 30 - 16 run...

Business As Usual: Still No Chris Bosh In Game 3


Chris Bosh has been out since Game 1 of the Indiana series with a lower abdominal strain, and while he continues to participate in light drills at team practices, he's still not ready for a...

Could This Be Kevin Garnett's Swan Song?


There are conflicting reports that Garnett is considering retirement after the 2012 season. Does his strong play hint that he's emptying the tank or that he's got more left for next year?

Heat Won't Make Adjustments On Rondo


You could say that the Heat are up 2-0 so why would they treat Rondo any differently than they have. And it is hart to argue with the following logic which boils down to "he's probably not going to...

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