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The value of the 2nd pick may increase greatly!

Rumor has it that the Houston Texans may take a player at number one, not named Jadeveon Clowney! This better not be a smokescreen.


The Case for Harrison Barnes

via www2.pictures.zimbio.com While most brightsiders are in the mindset for trading for the likes of Kevin Love, Greg Monroe, and Gordon Hayward all big name players. I have my interests...


Trade proposal for the Maple Leafs and the Colorado Avalanche

It's obvious that Maple leafs need a center. I mean last I've heard they're desperate so why not take advantage of this and make the trade workout for you in the end. I know they'll take most...



Hey everybody. Been here for a while, first post. Bla bla bla. I respect this community and I don't plan on making much noise. Just wanted to get your thoughts on this, if possible. I was reading t...

Just an interesting thought...


SInce the Senators are playing the WIld tonight, which marks the return of our favourite ex-senator Dany Heatley, what do you think of BM reacquiring heater from the Wild to spark Spezza? Thanks!

A Brief Conversation Between Perreault and Holland

Holland welcomes Perreault to the team.

Canucks Were Chasing Gretzky Before The Big Trade To L.A.

Sportsnet's Christine Simpson talks about the pitch that the Canucks were making in 1988 to try land Wayne Gretzky ahead of Los Angeles. It's worth a look to see what the Canucks were pitching. Of course the Canucks were also chasing Gretzky before he was traded to the Blues in 1996. Imagine a Gretzky - Bure - Linden /Mogilny line. Drool. Sportsnet, like TSN, has a bunch of stories on Gretzky celebrating the 25th anniversary of the trade.


Hisashi Iwakuma and the Braves: A possible fit?

I'd like to start this piece by talking a bit about Tim Hudson. I was quite downtrodden after seeing the injury sustained by Huddy on a freak play, in which Hudson stood too far to the middle of...

Smith: Graceful Exit for Aldridge Out of the Question

Mostly just commentary on Chris Haynes' source on Aldridge's "camp" exploring their trade options. By the way, every time I hear of some athlete's camp, I imagine some super agent storming out of their Coleman tent, trying in vain to get cell coverage in the middle of a forest.

BREAKING: Sixers Receive Nerlens Noel

In the first move of the HInkie era, the Sixers have traded Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel.

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