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Random thoughts headed into the NBA Draft

Celtics related ramblings from your humble CelticsBlogger

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NBA Draft mailbag: much ado about Grant Williams

You asked about Thursday’s NBA Draft, and we have the answers (mostly about Grant Williams).

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Report: Mavericks the favorites to sign Al Horford

Horford reportedly looking elsewhere this summer after 3 years with the Celtics.

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Rumor: Al Horford now expected to leave Boston too

The sum of all our fears. Al Horford could be leaving the Celtics as well.

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The Latest

Boston Celtics daily links 6/19/19

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place.

2019 NBA Draft Big Board: Tiers 1 and 2

Exploring Tiers 1 and 2 of Max Carlin’s Big Board and some potential options for the Celtics with the 14th pick.

2019 NBA Draft Big Board: Tier 3

Exploring Tier 3 of Max Carlin’s Big Board and some potential options for all three Celtics first-round picks.

2019 NBA Draft Big Board: Tier 4

CelticsBlog’s Max Carlin highlights nine players that could be at #20 and #22 for Boston.

Draft philosophies and overarching thoughts on the 2019 class

With three picks in next week’s NBA Draft, the Celtics have a lot to think about.

How the Celtics went from future rulers of the NBA to rebuilding in 2 years

The 15 steps Boston basketball took to rise and fall before reachIng greatness.

Boston Celtics daily links 6/18/19

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place.

Boston Celtics Rumors

Considering the risk-reward of re-signing Al Horford

Should Al Horford be in the Celtics’ plans?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

My SBNation blogger mock draft results

I picked three players for the Celtics. Let me know how I did.

Audio & Video

Al Horford won’t pick up player option, will enter unrestricted free agency

As a key member of Boston’s core, Horford is interested in signing a new contract after not opting in for next season.

Best fits for the Celtics on Draft Night

The NBA Draft is right around the corner. There is no telling which picks they will have, but who are the best prospects out there for the Celtics to choose?

CelticsBlog roundtable: Should the Celtics re-sign Terry Rozier?

The CelticsBlog staff addresses a key question facing the Celtics this offseason.

Rumor: Celtics have been aggressive trying to trade picks

Woj reports that the Celtics don’t want 3 rookies next year

Boston Celtics end of season player evaluations

We’ll be evaluating the entire Celtics roster in the next few weeks.

Boston Celtics daily links 6/17/19

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place.

Report: Kyrie Irving and Boston Celtics to meet soon to discuss future plans

Irving recently declined to exercise his option and will be a free agent this summer

Keith Smith on Ainge’s Next Steps - Celtics Beat Podcast

Check out Adam Kaufman and Keith Smith on this week’s Celtics Beat. Both field questions from you guys on this exact subject. Who would look great in Green next year?

A ramble on Rajon Rondo, leadership, and rooting for divisive athletes

Never meet your heroes. Or read about them. Or think about them. Or talk to people about them. Better yet, don’t overthink things as much as I do.

The bitter end of the Anthony Davis dream

The timing was right. Then everything went wrong.

SB Nation’s 2019 NBA Draft guide

The NBA draft is the best! So here’s all the stuff you need.

Robert Williams is still a work in progress

The young Celtics center has lots of size and talent but will need time to put it all together.

Anthony Davis Reactions: should the Celtics even care? – The Garden Report Podcast

Today on the Garden Report podcast, we look at the AD/Lakers trade & whether Kyrie is the next domino to fall...

Al Horford still undecided about his player option

Horford has a $30.1 million decision to make Tuesday.

The Celtics’ future is now

Unwilling to sacrifice the youth movement means the future is now for the Boston Celtics.

Featured FanPosts

Danny Ainge would not include Jayson Tatum in trade, Anthony Davis is a Laker

What the Raptors’ championship means to the Celtics

Remember the exuberance of LeBron bolting west? That force is back, and his name is Kawhi Leonard...if he stays.

2019 Celtics draw parallels to the 1983 team; Cedric Maxwell explains - The Garden Report

So besides the disappointment and frustration of 2019, what are the similarities with 1983? Only Cedric Maxwell can explain...

NBA Playoffs

Celtics free agency target: Ricky Rubio

Could adding Ricky Rubio help Gordon Hayward return to form?