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Lack of Coverage is Inexcusable

Pardon my annoyance. No, scratch that: I'm pissed off.

Apparently Sunday, April 4, 2004 is such a huge day in sports that everyone is obligated to televising everything but the Celtics vs Wizards tilt.

Forget about meaningless early season baseball games (Yes, my Sox Nation bretheren, I said meaningless), tennis, golf, etc. Apparently all of them are more TV worthy than a Stretch run basketball game with only a half dozen games remaining in the regular season and playoff implications hanging in the balance.

Someone remind me why I pay for Cable and particularly, League Pass? I could care less about the other games they televise during the week. I want to see Celtics games. That's why I bought the package, because LP told me that every Celtics game woud be televised in my area, either on thier network or on a local station.

Instead, I spend my sunday with no Celtics fix. Do everyone a favor and fix your system to include team specific packages, so that devoted fans can get what they pay for.

In this day in age, there is no reasonable explanation for the fact that someone isn't providing tv coverage for this game.

Funny, If MJ was still playing, you can be sure this game would have been televised. Funny how playoff implications in the last week + of the season aren't as compelling to TV execs as a 3 time retired star and a crap team.

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