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When Saying A Little, Might be Saying Too Much

How does a meaningless 2nd quarter of the second to last game of the regular season, in which Paul Pierce sits and the C's have already clinched a playoff birth, become meaningful?

When the CEO and Managing Partner, Wyc Grosbeck takes up a mic with Tommy and Mike to talk about the team. That's how.

Wyc sat in with Celtics broadcasters and legends, Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Gorman during the second quarter of Monday's tilt against the Heat.

Here a are a few exerpts/quotes from that conversation and some possible interpretations of thier meaning:

From Wyc:

1. "I really like the Twin Towers look of Mihm and Blount that we have out there right now. I like that for the Indiana series".

Forgive the chest thumping, but I just wrote an article on this site indicating that the Celtics should do just that for the Indiana series. Analysis thus far: I'm liking where this is going.

In reference to the Draft:

2. "We really have to be teachers here, as well as coaches. With 4 draft picks this year, 3 in the first round, we may be required to do some serious teaching. When I mentioned the draft picks to Danny, He said: Yes, we've got 4 picks,....... FOR NOW."

Ok, That wasn't so subtle Wyc. Or did you go to the Rick Pitino school of media literacy: Lie about everything? Could be purposefully stated to attract offers, or could be done to prepare the Celtic Nation. There aren't many out there, in my estimation, that expect us to keep all 4 picks. Maybe "the Plan" is longer than we think? Analysis: Ok, you've peaked my interest now.

Still on the draft

3. " We may need that teaching of players, ability out of our staff and players. Some of the incoming draft picks could be High Schoolers".

Again, Pitino? Is this a veiled comment to boost draft stock of the HSer's so that it takes attention off players we want, or is this indicating that we're picking up some more project players?

Analysis: Ok, starting to worry me now. I'm not sure what I thought was "the plan" is still the plan.

On a Head Coach

4. "I think that John (Carroll) has done a great job in a difficult situation here this year. He'll definetely get some consideration as we look for the next head coach of the Boston Celtics".

Woah, pardon my french, but WTF was that? I hope "consideration" means that we'll thank him for his work and give him a job recommendation if he asks for it. As someone who's been more than vocal about the fact that Carroll hasn't addressed some basic fundamental shortcomings and that players have been making the same bad mistakes over and over, I'm more than concerned that Wyc thinks he's doing an adequate job, let alone a good one.

Analysis: I feel a Migraine coming on.

Those comments alone should keep the Celtic Nation arguing right up to the draft (and beyond) about what they think the best course of action is, who the right player(s) to draft are, trades that we might do, and who exactly is in the running for the next head Coach of the Boston Celtics..........Like we needed gas thrown on the fire. (insert rolleyes smilie here) ;-)

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