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When enough is finally enough

Congratualtions John Carroll and Danny Ainge, You've finally broke me.

After what I witnessed tonight, there's no reason to continue to hold out hope. I've continued to support you, despite the fact that most Celtic Die-hards are laughing at my expense. They were ready to start discussing the off-season, BEFORE Game 3 started. They knew it was over and had already admitted it to themselves. I was still loyal: I believed there was some way for us to win this one. Yeah, it was a long shot, but it was the only way I could handle the situation. I have to believe, otherwise, I couldn't even watch the game.

Well, I have to say this: What an unbelieveable waste of time. Not only did John Carroll continue his assinine rotation of heavy doses of Walter McCarty, but the rest of the team played like a bunch of, well, excuse the derogatory term, but PANSIES.

No fire. No obvious desire to win. And, as usual, no real effort. Forget the fact that the Celtic Nation was calling since game one for more Brandon Hunter, to be inserted into the game to get into Jermaine O'neal's head. You cut him out of the picture completely.

Ricky Davis becoming the #1 option, so that it would take pressure off Paul Pierce, who drew Ron Artest on defense. Not happening. I'll blame John Carroll for that one. Although, It's not the sole charge.

strong>John Carroll, You are hereby charged with the following:

1. Basic stupidity

2. Not bothering to reinforce fundamental values into your team, despite having the time to do so.

3. Allowing the same issues to continue to plague this team. No physical play, no team effort, no team defense.

Here's what I (and probably milliions of other Celtics fans) want: You to leave Boston and never return. Consider the $100,000 you got for making the playoffs, Severance Pay. Get lost and never come back. You are by far the worst coach in the history of the Boston Celtics. Yes, that includes Rick Pitino and Jim O'Brien.

You've managed to pervert a perfectly capable team into a bunch of of daisies. Chris Mihm: Pansy. Mark Blount: Pansy. Paul Pierce: Pansy. Not one of them has gone to the hole in earnest during the playoffs. When Len Elmore is the voice of wisdom, in this regard, you know you're in trouble.

Regardless, you've finally broke me. I've been pleading with Celtics fans to not look ahead to the off-season and stay in tune with this playoff series.

What I watched tonight has been one in a series of travesties, that I will no longer try to prompt others to endure. I hope the Fleet is empty for game 4. The effort put forth by the coaching staff and the players are certainly deserving of it.

I'll be watching, but it won't be in my normal decor of my Celtic Beenie, Banner Town T-shirt, and Official shorts. I'll be watching like any ordinary on-looker, because my faith in the Celtics is no longer there. If it's going to be replenished, it better be by some decent moves by Dannyboy in the offseason.

His first move better be to replace you, Mr. Carroll, because you are the biggest joke to ever have the moniker of Celtics Coach ever, even if the moniker is tainted by the Interim label.

On behalf of myself and millions of other Celtic fans, thanks for killing our will. It was all we had left.

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