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Return of the Point Guard

I don't have much to say today, but I will say this: How great is it to see point guards come back onto the scene in such a strong way this post season? Between Parker, Bibby, Cassel, and even Baron Davis, we've seen some special performances and some real floor generals out there. Shoot, even Gary Payton has forgotten more about basketball than many PG's will ever know. Here's hoping that Marcus Banks is watching and learning. Phil Jackson's Lakers and Bulls have largely operated the triangle without needing a point guard, and perhaps that has de-emphasised the need for a true point. But last year's matchup of Kidd and Parker was fun to watch and I think we'll be seeing a lot more from that position in the Finals for many years to come. This year? Perhaps Billups vs. Parker. Does that mean that Sebastian Telfair or Shawn Livingston will lead their teams to the promised land? Probably not. Both may struggle out of the gate for a few years and either one could wind up on another team before they finish thier rookie contracts. Drafting point guards is a gamble, but woe is the franchise that doesn't take that gamble once in a while.

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