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Couldabeen a Non-Contender

Tonight is the NBA Draft Lottery. Danny was itching to get into this thing, and after 4 humiliating playoff games, we are on the sidelines looking in. On the other hand, what is the tangible difference between the 15 spot and say the 9 spot? As this article points out, there's not much to be had in this draft except longshots and gambles. The plus is that with three picks, we have a higher chance of scoring a diamond in the rough. Then again, that didn't work so well a couple years ago. Perhaps we can find someone who's targeted a player and is desperate to move up a few slots and is willing to trade future 1st rounders for our current ones. That kind of dealing could push our development out further, but might end up getting us in the lottery even if we do continue to make the playoffs. Maybe we can swing a deal with the Bobcats. Maybe we can package some picks with an expiring contract for an impact player now. Who knows? All we know is that it matters little who wins the lotto tonight.

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