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Triple Play?

Chad Ford is at it again. He claims that the Celtics have "gotten very close" (meaning "promises") to Peja Samardziski, Robert Swift, and Dorell Wright. The team denies it, and it doesn't seem to make much sense this far from the draft, but who knows? Well, since there's not much else to talk about right now, I'll give my quick take on it in case you've never seen or heard of these guys.

Peja (on the left) depending on who you ask sounds like either Raef Lafrentz or Vlade Divac. I don't know what that means but apparently he's a seven footer who can shoot and is starting to develop his low post game as well. But like most Euro prospects, he's stuck on the JV squad in his country and not getting enough looks at top competition.

Swift (the crotch shot) is another 7 footer out of HS. Aside from looking like a really tall version of that kid from American Idol, he apparently can play some. He's got some good footwork around the basket and nice touch, but he's pretty raw and as you can see, needs to add a little meat.

Wright is supposed to be a McGrady type. "The complete package" but has only been playing for 3 years. I guess we won't be calling him the Little Fundamental.

Did all of these guys get promises? I kind of doubt it, but I guess I wouldn't be surprised by anything at this point. I hope for their sakes Danny and Doc have long term deals, because if they draft all these kids, its gonna be a while before they contribute. (see Perkins, Kedrick)


Chad Ford said this in his chat when asked about the C's: "Celtics are in the same boat as the Jazz only two of their first rounders are at the very end of the first. The word on the street is that two will be high school players (maybe Dorrell Wright, Robert Swift or Al Jefferson) and the other will be an international kid that the Celtics can leave in Europe. Sergei Monya, Peja Samardziski, Anderson Varejao and Viktor Khryapa all fit that mode."

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