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Chad Ford Chat


Rick (LA): Chad, really digging all of the postings from Chicago. In your talks with Danny Ainge did he leave you any impression as to who he's leaning towards? Also, does he really think he has enough to get the #1 pick from Orlando?

Chad Ford: (3:52 PM ET ) Danny told me who he liked off the record. Some of the stuff written about the Celtics has been accurate, other stuff isn't. The big thing is that he swears the Celtics haven't promised anyone anything. They're still exploring trading a combination of the picks. One surprise was that Danny told me that he's looking for a big athletic three. That's got to fuel the Sergei Monya rumors.

Brendan (Middletown, CT): Is Robert Swift a good enough player to warrant being chosen with the 15th overall pick?

Chad Ford: (4:14 PM ET ) That may be a little high for a kid who won't produce for a few seasons but the Celtics do like him and I don't think he'll be on the board when they pick again at No. 24. I think the Heat at No. 19, the Nuggets at No. 20 and the Jazz at No. 21 would step in and grab him first.

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