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Now Its Telfair

The Cleveland Plain Dealer (do they sell cars or something?), claims that:

The Boston Celtics have three first-round picks (15, 24 and 25) and sources said the Celtics hope to use one of those picks to select high school guard Sebastian Telfair.

So, to review, "sources" have claimed that we have either made promises to or "want to draft" Al Jefferson, Robert Swift, Dorell Wright, Sergei Monya, Peja Samardziski, Anderson Varejao and Viktor Khryapa, and now Sebastian Telfair.

Which leads us to the proper conclusion that this is either a) false or even made up information, b)smokescreen by the club, or c) writer's exaggerating on partial information. I'd probably lean toward "c" because no writer can resist a scoop. If Dorell Wright works out twice for a team and haults workouts for other teams, that's enough for a writer to yell "promise" from the rooftops and hope he's made a scoop. There could be several reasons for such a turn of events, but none of them are as exciting to put into print as a "promise."

So either we are going to trade the rest of our roster for first rounders and field a team of high schoolers and Euros, or some of this information is just plain wrong. Don't believe everything you read (even in this space!).

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