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Danny and Jerry At It Again?

Could we see another draft night deal between Danny Ainge and Jerry West? The latest trade being discussed on Memphis radio sends Stromile Swift to Boston for the rights to Sebastian Telfair, Yogi Stewart (and his expiring salary that matches Sto's), and cash ($1M?).

The trade certainly fills a need for the Celtics. Stro is an athletic power forward that can run the floor and rebound and has made improvements after a slow start to his career. Who knows what Jerry sees in Sebastian that the others don't, but he did go after Bell and Jones in last year's draft well before others thought they should be picked. And perhaps he wants another showboating PG like Jason Williams to coral and teach Hubie-ball to. Hard to second guess the guy that gambled and won on Kobe, but there sure are a lot of questions about Sebastian's size, athleticism, and shooting touch.

Swift is available because he's a restricted FA that wanted to test the market. Danny would probably want to lock him up to a deal before he made the trade. Don't know how much he'd be looking for. If the deal is true, (and who knows this time of year?), it would likely be contingent upon Sebastian being around at 15. The Blazers have been rumored to be enamored with him at the 13 spot. There were even some that believed he got a promise from the Blazers. Something to do with his popularity and Adidas (his current employer) targeting the Portland area with advertising. However, other reports have the Blazers interested in Luke Jackson, from local Oregon U.

So it could be another draft day deal, or this could be more smokescreen and mirrors. Can't really tell, but it is fun speculating. And just think of the highlight reals that would be produced from Banks leading a break flanked by Davis and Stro, with Pierce and Raef trailing for a kickout 3. Sounds fun.

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