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Take Notes Danny

There are lessons to be learned from this. The Pistons drew us the blueprint, Doc was there to witness it, now we have to implement it. Several myths were shattered:

  • The East can't compete with the West. Wrong.
  • You can't win without a dominant superstar. Wrong. (and Pierce is better than Billups)
  • You can't win with a malcontent like Rasheed. Wrong. (use Davis right and everyone's happy)
  • Defense will only get you so far. Wrong. Everyone knows D wins Championships!
  • You have to overspend for star players. Wrong.
  • Just do us all a favor Danny. Study what Dumars did in Detroit, and figure out how to relate it to Boston. Don't build the team like the Kings that have yet to sniff the finals. Study what Rick Pitino did in Boston, and vow to not make the same mistakes. Let Banks, develop long enough to blossom on our team instead of someone elses like Billups and Joe Johnson. Let HS picks develop long enough to pay dividends like Jermaine O'Neal and Tracy McGrady. I don't mind if a Kedrick Brown rots on the bench for years before proving once and for all that he doesn't have it. At least we gave him a fair shot. Likewise, if we are going to trade Davis, make sure its for a long term solution, and not for a quick fix.

    I'm tired of admiring greatness from afar. Lets see you build a great Celtic team. I don't ask for much, I just want it all.

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