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Its Not a Rumor

There has been a mini-rumor making its rounds on the web that the C's and Wiz were talking Jiri and the #15 for the #5 pick. Upon further digging, it looks like that was started by speculation on a article:

Q: There have been some heavy duty rumors about Washington trying to shop that fifth pick. Do you have any idea who they might be looking at?

A: I think they are looking to land an established player and a mid first rounder, that's what I'm hearing. I didn't really hear any specifics, maybe Boston, Jiri Welsch probably comes into the picture if that happens. Maybe Utah, I don't know. It's hard to say at this point. That’s kind of old news, though. They are going to get either Deng or Iguodala most likely which isn’t bad at all and might not be worth trading.

So I'm not putting any stock into it. Besides, if one team has more SG's and SF's than we do, its the Wizards. I'll keep posting the rumors and keep you up to date with what sounds right and what sounds bogus.

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