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Swift a Lock at 15? Chad Ford's Latest Gossip

Chad Ford is reporting that a new source close to Robert Swift has informed him that he won't slip past the Celtics at pick number 15. This has been rumored for weeks, but this seems to be a new source closer to the kid.

Here is a snippet of Chad's chat today:

Michael (Boston MA): The Celtics have been rumored to promise Swift they'd take him at #15, but there's also talk that they'll package the #15 with Jiri Welsch for the #5 (Washington)...which has more credibility?

Chad Ford: (1:36 PM ET ) I heard this morning that the Celtics did make a promise to Swift. Whether that's at 15 or 24 . . . who knows. As for the trade, this is why teams are generally not making promises. So many teams in the lottery want to trade out (Clippers, Chicago, Washington, Phoenix, Cleveland to name five) that it's tough to predict where folks will really be drafting.

See, this is why you can't take Chad Ford as the final say of rumors (you can't do that with me either for that matter). First of all, this morning he DID say that the source said he would not slip past 15. Now he's backtracking from that?

Next, the trade mentioned is purely speculation (as shown below) yet its still being passed around as a rumor. Chad is overloaded with rumors and doesn't have time to sort through each one. My only advantage is focusing on the Celtics rumors. Hopefully I can keep sniffing out the real from the bogus.

By the way, I haven't heard a peep about the Stromile rumor from any source other than "it was talked about on Memphis radio." Was it speculated or rumored? Who knows?

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