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New Jersey - Portland Deal

This is only losely related to the Celtics, but Chad Ford seems pretty sure that this deal is going down:

To the Nets: Shareef Abdur-Rahim

To the Blazers: Kerry Kittles, Aaron Williams, No. 22 pick

This effects the C's in a number of ways:

1. Ainge made a play for Rahim at the deadline and fell short. If he is still trying to get him, it sounds like we don't have the package that will make the Blazers happy. Doesn't shock me since the best package I could think of was Davis and Yogi and a pick. I don't think the Blazers would be too thrilled with the idea of taking on another player with Davis's kind of rep.

2. The 22 pick is a few slots ahead of the C's late picks. Could influence who is left on the board.

3. Anytime you add a 20/10 guy to a conference rival, that's bad.

Look for this deal to happen Wednesday (between the expansion draft and the NBA draft).

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