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Princeton Offense to Boston

Proving that the solid relationship between Ainge and Rivers is not merely one for appearances, both men seem genuinely committed to reinventing the Celtics as a team that can play effectively in transition while maintaining the ability to change gears into a half-court set. Ainge confirmed reports out of Chicago that Rivers is trying to hire former Sacramento assistant Pete Carril to install the read and-react principles of the Princeton offense. Not only would a more inclusive passing game take a burden off of Paul Pierce to create for others -- an unnatural role for the Celtics' lone star -- but it would also make use of Raef LaFrentz in the post as a passer. - from Sports Illustrated

This could be one of the most substancial moves Danny makes in the offseason. Imagine a free flowing offense that lets Pierce move more fluidly without the ball and increase open looks for more players. I guess more pressure will be on Banks to be a true playmaker, but if they can pull it off, this would be huge.

(by the way, the SI Story also has some interesting tid-bits on Danny and Doc's relationship as well as Danny's support of Coach O'Brien early on)

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