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Swift Promise is for the 25th Pick

There have been many rumors of Robert Swift getting a promise from the Celtics. There has been a litte ambiguity on which pick the promise was for. Andy Katz is now reporting that the promise states that he won't slip past him at 25.

Here are the most interesting quotes from the Andy Katz article.

Yet, Swift is a lock for the first round. He won't go past No. 25 to the Boston Celtics, according to multiple sources in the league. And he could go a lot higher. But despite his low profile, Swift has a promise, a guarantee that he won't be available past the Celtics' third and final selection in the first round.

So, why are the Celtics so high on Swift? It may come down to the fact Boston may not find a better player, or a more ready player, at No. 15. If the Celtics pass on Swift with their first pick, they'll simply have to gamble that he'll be available with their 24th or 25th pick (or make a trade). The promise is that he won't slip past their last pick, not that he has to go with their first pick.

To me this sounds like good news. I don't like the idea of promises in general, because they limit your options, but if you have two picks at the end of the draft and you want to snag a guy by giving him a promise for one of those picks, more power to ya. I'm skeptical of this kid at the 15, because it seems a bit high, but I have no reservations later in the draft. In fact, I wouldn't be too shocked to see the C's package the 24 and 25 to move up a few slots to make sure they get him before someone else.

So where does Dorrell Wright fit into all this? Did he get a promise as well? Can't tell yet, but the closer we get, the clearer the plan is becoming. We could know everything before the draft happens. As I've said numerous times before, that's a shame. As much as I like the updates, I'd rather be in the dark and have the C's surprise some people (in a good way).

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