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Peter May - Swift is the 15 pick / Sports / Basketball / What's going down? Lakers?

Like the Celtics, the Utah Jazz own three first-rounders: 14th, 16th, and 21st. There's a lot of talk that the Jazz would take Monya at No. 14, to unite with fellow Russian Andrei Kirilenko. The Celtics then might settle for high school center Robert Swift, assuming he's still on the board. As one NBA exec said last week, "The only sure thing I think I know about this draft is that Okafor and Howard will be the first two and Monya and Swift will be 14 and 15."

Other bits of info picked up around the net:

1. Cleveland has some interest in Chucky Atkins and may look into dealing for him through the expansion draft process.

2. The Swift at 15 evidence is mounting every day. Everywhere I look, someone is saying that he's a lock there.

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