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Who Is Robert Swift?

So, the worst secret in basketball is Swift to the Celtics at 15. So just who is this kid? Other than the fact that he's a true 7 footer, rail thin, and a red head, there's little I can tell you without basing it on other people's scouting reports. Below are a few links I've used to research. Please let me know (in the comments section below) if I'm missing any good links.

Andy Katz Article

Draft City Profile Profile

ESPN Profile

In summary, here's what I've found:

He's got skills in the post. He can set up on the block, catch the entry pass, pass out of the double team, put some nice pump fakes (thus the McHale comparisons), use good footwork, and finish with authority. He also works hard on positioning for rebounds, uses his length to block shots, and can even drop in jumpers from 14 feet. Sounds great right?

Then there are the downsides. He's rail thin and many wonder if he'll ever be able to add much bulk to his frame. In what I've seen of footage and pictures, I have to agree. If he can get pushed around by H.S. kids, what will the NBA do to him? At best, he could be wirey and crafty around the rim. Some could argue that he'd be better off at the 4 than the 5. He has Shaq like free throw problems and is overaggresive with shot blocking attempts. He also had eligibility issues, so one could raise an eyebrow about his head, but at least one review mentioned his basketball mind as a big asset (offensively and defensively). And of course, as a high school kid, there are questions about his conditioning.

So what is the net result? A kid with lots of potential. If Danny does bring in Carril, he might be a good fit for the new offense. If he can pass and shoot the short jumper as well as advertised, I could see him working as a backup to LaFrentz to initiate the offense from the high post.

I will say this, for all his talk of drafting the best player regardless of position, Danny is definitely addressing the team's biggest needs through the draft. We got a PG and big man last year, and we're poised to get another big man this year. Its just a question of how soon they can contribute.

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