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Wright Talk Has Cooled and All That Jazz

According to Shira Springer (talking on ESPN Radio), talk of Dorrell Wright has cooled off considerably in recent weeks. Swift is still a lock at 15, and there is a developing bit of posturing between the Jazz and Celtics, but no recent word on Wright at the 24/25 slots. A week back Chad Ford mentioned that he spoke to Ainge and came away understanding that some names were bogus and some were solid. Sure sounds like the Swift rumor is solid and the Wright one is suspect. I'm not going to rule him out completely though. If I had to guess, I'd say that Danny wants to trade up (for who?), but if he can't, Wright at the 24 or 25 could be a fallback. There is little talk about it since he's not going to promise the kid anything if he's looking to deal. On the other hand, they could just be in love with some other players too much to take a shot on a raw swingman who's only played the game 3 or so years.

The Utah Jazz thing bears mentioning. It seems like a slam dunk that Monya is the 14th pick and Swift is the 15th. The Jazz also have the 16 and 21 picks. They have hinted that they also like Swift. The Celtics have hinted that they like Monya. This is where the poker game begins. Are both clubs being honest in their affection or are they trying to position to make sure that they get "their guy?"

This is why I don't feel great about promises. Last year, the world knew that the C's liked Marcus Banks, so the Magic made noise about liking him and the C's had to trade up with the Griz to make sure he was theirs. Now we could be faced with a similar situation. We don't even know that the Jazz like Swift, but if they can convince Danny that they do, and Danny is bluffing about Monya, they can pick Swift at 14, and offer us that pick in exchange for the 15 and the 25. On the other hand, my logic breaks down a bit here because that would give the Jazz 4 first round picks. Even a rebuilding team doesn't need that many rookies. Still, you can see how this makes me nervous. I hate the fact that we are tipping our hand once again. Lets hope this Swift kid is worth it.


I just read the following from, be your own judge of the info:

#14 Rafael Araujo: In a recent radio address Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller stated that if Araujo is available here the Jazz will not pass him up. While the possibility that this is a smokescreen was considered, in the end it was decided that it would not be a stretch for them to pick Araujo at 14 anyway. This is simply some level of confirmation. While it is certainly is odd that the Jazz would expressly state something such as this, limiting their future options, the evidence is strong enough to warrant them selecting Araujo at #14.

#15 Sergei Monya: This was a really tough call. If he doesn’t go here, he probably goes to Utah at 16. It was awfully convenient that the day after Jazz owner Larry Miller decided to tell that world that they would take Araujo at 14, Sergei Monya showed up on Boston’s doorstep for an interview. The Celtics have more pressing needs then yet another swingman, but if Ainge can screw over the Jazz and pick possibly the best European player in the draft, we really think he would.

Update #2:

From the Salt Lake Tribune

They own three picks in the first round. Their top two -- No. 14 and No. 16 -- are sandwiched around a pick that belongs to Boston.

The Jazz and Celtics are known to be considering many of the same players with the 14th, 15th and 16th picks, so O'Connor and Celtic boss Danny Ainge have been carefully trying to read each other's mind.

One logical pre-draft scenario has Utah taking forward Sergey Monya at No. 14 and Boston selecting high school center Robert Swift at No. 15.

But wait.

In recent days, the Jazz have apparently become interested in Swift at No. 14. That could prevent the Celtics from taking the big man they want.

So Ainge quickly counter-attacked.

Boston invited Monya to Boston for an interview, and Ainge began talking about how badly the Celtics need someone like the young Russian.

In reality, Boston might have no interest in Monya. Ainge might simply be trying to force O'Connor to take Monya at No. 14 so the Celtics can take Swift at No. 15.

If the Jazz think they can take Swift with the 14th pick and Monya with the 16th pick, Boston could get aced out.

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