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Paul Pierce - To the Bulls?

From the The Daily Herald

The Bulls and the Boston Celtics have discussed a trade that would send three-time all-star Paul Pierce to the Bulls for Tyson Chandler, the No. 3 pick in Thursday's NBA draft and another player to even out salaries, according to a source close to the Bulls.

If such a trade occurs, Scottie Pippen, Eddie Robinson and Jerome Williams would all work as the additional player. One theory has Boston eyeing Connecticut guard Ben Gordon with the third pick.

This trade was mentioned first by some guy on the RealGM message boards who apparently has predicted other Bulls trades based on a "source." Chances are, the Herald is just picking up this rumor and running with it (like me).

My take? I wouldn't doubt that Paxon called Danny and inquired about Pierce. I wouldn't doubt that the 3rd pick and Tyson's name would have to come up in any package designed to tempt Danny. Is it enough? No. There would have to be more to it. Eddie Robinson to make the salaries match? No thanks. And what is this about Gordon at the 3? If Danny somehow gets the 3 in any deal, if he picks up Gordon, it will be 3 spots too high for this guy.

Danny himself said that anyone is available at the right price. I'd have to hear a lot more about this to think its anywhere near the right price.

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