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Chad Ford on Paul Pierce Trade Rumors

Davydd (E. Montpelier, VT): Do you see the Celtics trading Pierce?

Chad Ford: (1:55 PM ET ) I don't. He's the one good thing they have going for them. Unless they can get some sort of T-Mac like 3 for 1 deal, it just doesn't make any sense. Plus, I'm not sure how long Danny Ainge would be breathing if he dumps the Truth.

Celtics Diehard: BIGGEST QUESTION OF THE DRAFT....Celtics moving up or staying pat????

Chad Ford: (1:57 PM ET ) They're trying. They feel that the guys they want won't be on the board at 15, 24 and 25. However, no deal so far. Swift is the target. The Mavs offered to swap No. 5 for the Celtics three picks. However, they also wanted them to take Stackhouse. Danny hung up on them.

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