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Everyone Else Is Doing It

Two deals done tonight, both somewhat slanted.

The Wiz make out great by dumping two bad contracts and picking up a solid (albeit tweener) big man. They didn't need another young swingman, which is all that would be left at the 5, so that is no harm. Obviously the Mavs wanted a draft pick and Cuban is willing to pay the salaries, so why not?

The Suns/Bulls swap seems much more one sided. The Suns must really not want that pick. Giving it up for a second, a future first, and cash? Is this to clear money to run at Kobe? Isn't that dream dead yet? And why couldn't the Celtics get in on this? You mean our 24 and 25 picks aren't worth more than the Bulls' package? Or say, a future 1 and the 24? Danny is desperate to move up and some team practically gives away their pick. Ok, so that future first could be lottery by the time the Bulls are done with it, but umm, you HAVE a lottery pick. Oh well. Not really our problem.

Here's something to chew on. If the 5th pick, Chandler, and salary filler for Pierce is a joke, what happens when you throw in the 7th pick? Now you start to wonder. Don't mistake, this is NOT a rumor. Just me wonderin'.

As for a more likely scenario, I've read some say that the Warriors have some interest in Swift at 11. If I were the Warriors, I would purposely float that rumor, let Danny call me up, and offer the 11 for the 15 and the 25. You know you can get someone of comparable skill at 15, plus you pick up a project to boot. Even if its not just as I laid it out, I'm expecting something like that to go down tomorrow night.

I'm also still of the opinion that we'll shop Davis around in some sort of package. I just don't see Danny standing pat tomorrow. He'll make some kind of deal. Its just a question of how big it will be and how well Celtics fans will react to it.

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