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So What's The Scenario?

From the Herald

Ainge said he's looked at ``hundreds'' of trade scenarios, but as of last night he was down to about 10 possibilities - three of them to move up and seven to move down or deal for future picks.

``I've got a lot of contingency plans based on how the draft is going,'' he said. ``As the draft unfolds, there will be contingencies. I have contingency plans of trading, but my plan is to draft all three. It probably won't be as it seems on draft day. There will be players drafted, (but) wait about 15 minutes until you get excited.''

Like I said, no way Ainge stands pat tonight. Something's going down. My guess is it will be just like last year. Remember the stunned silence when Troy Bell was picked, followed by the yelling and throwing things at the TV, followed (several minutes later) by a trade announcement that gave you some hope, only to find out that he had traded to get the guy you knew he was going to get all along. Look for that again, only replace Marcus Banks with Robert Swift. Count on it.

In other news, unfortunately we won't be seeing Carril install the Princeton offense this year:

Princeton legend and, more recently, Sacramento assistant Pete Carril agreed on Monday to join the C's staff. On Tuesday he changed his mind, according to Rivers.

"I think it's something that really interested him," said Rivers. "But his relationship with (Kingspresident of basketball operations and former Princeton pupil) Geoff Petrie was too strong." - Boston Herald

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