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Trading Partners

Bet on Danny making a deal to swap picks. But with who? Here are the most likely candidates and where they pick:

10 - Cavs - May need to get this high to snag Swift.

11 - Warriors - This is the first slot that I could see Swift taken. If he is taken (or rumored to be taken), this is where Danny's contingency plans will start kicking in.

12 - Sonics - Are trying to trade down. Probably talking to the Jazz about thier picks, but may talk to Danny as well.

14 - Jazz - Let the games begin. They want Monya and Araujo and they are ready to play dirty to get them.

I'm not sure what situation would cause us to trade down, but there's a chance Danny could trade a pick for future considerations (if he really doesn't want 3 first round picks this year).

Update: Looks like the Bulls are offering the same package to the Sonics for Ray Allen that they tried to get Pierce. Chandler, the 3 pick and filler (Jerome Williams) for Ray Allen and the 12. Sounds like Danny said no, and they are moving on. Good!

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