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Big Al and Those Other Little Guys

Who knew that the big red head would go so high? Who knew that Danny would not actually trade up to get him? Not me. But I'm glad I was wrong (unless a deal comes down later). I like this Jefferson kid and I'll take a big brute of a player over a skinny skill player just about every time. The only drawback to being so big is a propencity to put on pounds (in a bad way). However, he'll have a good guy to pal around with in Perkins, and from what I hear, both Perk and Al have great work ethics. Perk really shed the baby fat and apparently looks solid as a rock. If Al comes as advertised, he should do the same. A future of two solid, big men patroling the paint is pretty exciting.

I'll have to do some more extensive research but for fun, here are a couple quick links for the kid:

Al Jefferson's web site

The Clarion Ledger

As for the other two guards, I guess they just didn't have any good players fall. I really thought one of the guys would have fallen to us here, but it wasn't to be. I have little to offer in opinion on West and Allen because I know nothing about their games, but I must say I'm underwhelmed at first glance. On the other hand, last year we took two underwhelming shooting guards and traded them to the Griz for Banks and Perk. Can we get Jerry West on the phone?

Oh yeah, and we did draft someone in the second round. Justin Reed is compared to Jumaine Jones. Which is great, because now he can ride the pine right next to the real deal. I can see it now "ok rook, this is how you look interested in the huddle while flirting with the girl in the 4th row at the same time..."

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