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Will PG Be His Forte?

Sorry I couldn't resist. You have to excuse my skepticisim when I read this quote:

"We think Delonte West can play point," Ainge said. "Maybe not in the traditional fashion of point guards, but we think he's one of the best quarterbacks in the game because his decision-making is right up there with the best of the guards."

We have been looking for a true point guard for so long now that I now have a knee-jerk reaction to hearing about us attempting to turn shooting guards into point guards. It might be a decent gamble at pick 24, but I just don't think it works very often. I'm probably not giving this West kid enough credit. He may win me over with his play. I'm just tired of guys like Shammond Williams, JR Bremer, Joe Forte, and a litany of others coming in here and playing the point like a launching pad, thus stymieing any offensive flow that we might have had.

It is also interesting to hear Danny say that he would have taken West and Allen even if Monya were still available at 24. Either he is lying now to prop up his picks, or he was smoke screening like Spy Hunter before the draft.

So the long and short of it is that its too early to tell how good this draft was. Danny is still talking in terms of aquiring "pieces to move" so I'm sure he's still out there looking for trades that will likley involve our plethora of swing players. Plus, we still have that MLE to pay with. This was a critical week for Danny and Doc and they didn't do all that bad in my opinion. They didn't blow my socks off either, but lets see how they play out the rest of the offseason.

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